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  1. new york beginnings
    The Crime-Fighting Program That Changed New York ForeverIs CompStat’s main legacy safe streets or stop and frisk?
  2. Will Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly Be the Next FBI Director?His name has bubbled to the top of the list, but some other contenders are emerging.
  3. NYPD Officers Suffered Fewer Assaults in 2015Assaults against New York City police officers fell dramatically in 2015. 
  4. bill de blasio’s new york
    Who’s Blaming de Blasio for Shooting?It’s not just Pat Lynch.
  5. nypd blues
    Q&A: An NYPD Officer’s Real Talk on Garner CaseThis man in blue lays the blame squarely at the feet of Ray Kelly.
  6. formerly new york’s finest
    Regular Guy Ray Kelly No Longer Requires a $1.5 Million Security TeamIt’s time for him to look after himself.
  7. ferguson
    Ray Kelly Thinks Ferguson Is a MessThe former NYPD commissioner knows a thing or two about excessive force.
  8. bill de blasio’s new york
    Bill Bratton and Ray Kelly Keep Up BeefIt’s not personal, he said, but it totally seems like it is.
  9. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly’s Brother Further Ignites NYPD BeefThe former NYPD chief’s brother hits back at his successor in public.
  10. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly Found a Far Less Stressful JobThe former NYPD commissioner will be a consultant for ABC News.
  11. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly Gives the Press Another Kick on His Way OutMaking it harder to obtain neighborhood crime reports.
  12. new york’s finest
    Bill de Blasio to Name Bill Bratton NYPD Commissioner He’ll replace Ray Kelly for a second time.
  13. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly Will Take a Small Army With Him to Civilian LifeAt a cost to taxpayers of about $1.5 million a year.
  14. holiday cheer
    Ray Kelly Incorrectly Labels SantaCon ‘a Peaceful Event’The police commissioner thinks the city should support the annual puke-fest.
  15. stop and frisk
    Court Rejects City’s Motion to Toss Out Stop-and-Frisk RulingThe legal battle to protect stop-and-frisk might be over.
  16. new york’s finest
    NYPD Officer Who Shot Man in Back Won’t Be FiredHe’s back on full duty, but without a gun this time.
  17. bill de blasio’s new york
    Bill De Blasio and Ray Kelly’s Relationship Is Unchanged They “cleared the air” after Kelly’s cranky Playboy interview was published.
  18. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly Calls Out Fake-Friend Democrats Over Stop-and-Frisk“They were pandering to get votes.”
  19. nypd
    NYPD Deputy Courts De Blasio in Puerto RicoDeputy Commissioner Rafael Pineiro is the highest-ranking Latino in the department.
  20. crimes and misdemeanors
    No One Got Shot or Stabbed in New York on ThursdayGood work, everyone.
  21. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly Would Like a $720,000-a-Year Security Team, Please and Thank YouSix detectives, paid for by taxpayers.
  22. kids today
    Brown University May Punish Students for Heckling Ray KellyFor preventing the “basic exchange of ideas.”
  23. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly and JPMorgan Could Be a Perfectly Controversial MatchThe NYPD chief is reportedly in talks to join the firm.
  24. stop and frisk
    Stop-and-Frisk Ruling Blocked by Appeals Court, Judge Removed From CaseBloomberg and the NYPD are still in this thing.
  25. jerks
    Ray Kelly Heckled Off Stage at Brown UniversityHe couldn’t give a lecture over constant interruptions.
  26. sad things
    Ray Kelly Not Very Encouraging About Finding Avonte Oquendo“We are not hopeful.”
  27. the most important people in the world
    5 Stephen Colbert Zingers for NYC’s Power EliteFrom last night’s Alfred E. Smith charity dinner.
  28. politics
    Jeh Johnson, Not Ray Kelly, to Run Department of Homeland SecurityObama is expected to announce the pick tomorrow.
  29. the third terminator
    N.Y. Post, NYPD Scaremonger Over Stop-and-FriskIt’s a coordinated scaremongering effort.
  30. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly Reportedly Shopping a BookHis post-Bloomberg plan?
  31. mysteries
    Joe Biden Fist-Bumped Ray KellyWhat does this mean?
  32. terrorble
    NYPD Just Calls Mosques Terrorist Organizations to Make Things EasierThe designation, even without charges, helps with surveillance.
  33. politics
    City Council Beats Bloomberg’s Veto on Police Oversight BillsThe NYPD is getting a watchdog.
  34. early and awkward
    Mayor Bloomberg Plays Dumb About Ray Kelly PollHe doesn’t want to talk about his big ‘New Yorker’ story.
  35. stop and frisk
    Ray Kelly Unsurprisingly Unswayed by Stop-and-Frisk RulingHe spent Sunday defending the practice on TV.
  36. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Is Still Letting Ray Kelly Use His Jet, Getting Flak for ItNo “World’s Best Boss” award?
  37. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Extremely Angry at Stop-and-Frisk Ruling “You couldn’t be more wrong!”
  38. Obama Needs to Decide If He’s Ready to Endorse Stop-and-Frisk Ray Kelly has a great record of protecting New York. He also has lots of baggage.
  39. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly’s Loyal Mouthpiece Is Leaving the NYPDSpokesman Paul Browne is going to work for Notre Dame.
  40. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly Is Not Not Interested in That DHS JobSmart choice.
  41. new york’s finest
    Obama: Ray Kelly Is ‘Very Well Qualified’ for Homeland Security JobHe’s “obviously done an extraordinary job in New York.”
  42. scary things
    Christine Quinn Calls Ray Kelly for AmbulanceA City Council intern waited 30 minutes after fainting.
  43. crazy people
    Wallenda’s Proposed Skyscraper Walk Won’t Get Off the GroundHe said he won’t violate the law.
  44. the racie for gracie
    Quinn Already Giving Ray Kelly a Stop-and-Frisk UltimatumShe’ll keep him if she gets elected, but there are conditions.
  45. spy games
    Ray Kelly: Americans Don’t Mind Surveillance, It’s the Secrecy That HurtsHis take on the NSA scandal.
  46. america!
    Statue of Liberty Still Bound by Security Squabbling Schumer and Kelly restart the feud.
  47. nypd blues
    Stop-and-Frisks on the DeclineBut they will remain a major election-year issue.
  48. stop and frisk
    Ray Kelly Defends Stopping Mostly Black PeopleThe police commissioner looks to math.
  49. boston bombings
    The Tsarnaev Brothers May Have Planned to Attack Times Square After AllDzhokhar Tsarnaev can’t decide whether they were coming to party or kill. 
  50. nypd blues
    Ray Kelly Denies Admitting Stop-and-Frisk Targets MinoritiesSays state senator’s testimony is “absolutely, categorically untrue.”
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