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    The ‘Anti-Business’ Paris Agreement Sure Seems Popular in the Tech IndustryTrump knows what American business wants he’s just not listening.
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    Despite Those Calls for a Dislike Button, Love Is Still Top Facebook ReactionIt’s been exactly a year since Facebook introduced reaction emoji.
  3. In the Cafés of Paris, Ennui and Revulsion Over Trump“But Trump, he is just a lunatic. Put a bomb in his hands and he’ll blow up the world.”
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    Could Cops Use Facebook Reactions to Target Criminals?The fraught relationship between law enforcement and social media will only be further complicated by Facebook’s new feature.
  5. 11 Actually Useful New Facebook ReactionsOnly five made the cut. Here are the rest.
  6. Facebook’s New ‘Like’ Button Is Finally Here“Like” is joined by “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry.”
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    How to Use Facebook’s 5 New ReactionsAngry, sad, wow, haha, and love enter the fray.
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    John Kerry Reacts to Today’s Top News StoriesThe secretary of State gives good face.
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    So What Did People Think of Obama’s NSA Speech?Reactions from the chattering classes.
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    Responses to Boston Bombing Show SolidarityFeel better.