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Real Estate Envy

  1. Billionaires Are Willing to Spend $50 Million on CPS Units, Sight UnseenHere’s your daily dose of income-inequality entertainment. 
  2. real estate envy
    Henry Louis Gates Jr. Keeps Leading NYU On for the Cheap ApartmentThe Harvard star pays the faculty rate, but doesn’t work at the school.
  3. rich people problems
    Hideous Roof Deck Threatens Billionaire’s Penthouse TerraceJust like us, the one percent likes a roof view.
  4. real estate envy
    Mayor Bloomberg Bought Two 30-Plus-Acre Estates Near the City Last YearOne in Westchester, the other in Southampton.
  5. Truman Capote House Fetches Record PriceA record for Brooklyn, that is.
  6. mf’ed global
    Jon Corzine Went Chateau-Shopping This FallWhat impending MF Global meltdown?
  7. ink-stained wretches
    They’ve Been Playing Musical Chairs Over at the Times Op-Ed SectionWhich columnist has the best office these days?