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  1. real estate
    And the Manhattan Apartment That’s Furthest From the Subway Is …It’s pricey!
  2. bill de blasio’s new york
    You Can Now Rent Mayor de Blasio’s Park Slope Home for $4,975 a MonthA steal for the size and location.
  3. real estate
    Buyers’ Market in Manhattan Growing for the RichInventory is up, but only for large, expensive places.
  4. real estate
    You Can’t Afford BrooklynThe price of real estate in some of its neighborhoods easily surpassed Manhattan’s median sale price.
  5. real estate
    A Look Inside the Accidentally Preserved 5 Beekman StreetThe building’s trajectory parallels the story of downtown’s history.
  6. the worst thing ever
    Brooklyn Building Has a Serial Pee-BaggerA building in revolt.
  7. only in new york?
    Princess Fighting Eviction From $390 ApartmentYour “Only in New York!” of the day.
  8. neighborhood news
    Fancy Upper West Side Building Will Have a Separate Door for Poor People NYC’s Department of Housing just signed off on the plan.
  9. real estate
    Stop Saying Brooklyn Is Cheap. It’s Not.The average and median prices for a Brooklyn property have hit all-time highs.
  10. very big buildings
    World’s Tallest Residential to Stop at 1,775 Ft.The World Trade Center (née the Freedom Tower) is 1,776 feet.
  11. real estate
    Manhattan Real Estate Isn’t As Hot As It LooksThough it’s still strong.
  12. oh brooklyn
    Buy a Park Slope Condo, Get a Free TeslaFor only $6 million.
  13. fame slept here
    John Cheever’s House Is for Sale, and It’s a BargainThe Ossining home of the American novelist is now on the market.
  14. starchitecture
    How to Wash the Windows at Frank Gehry’s 76-Story Eight Spruce StreetA bespoke window-washing rig keeps the skyscraper gleaming.
  15. the winklevii
    The Winklevoss Twins Probably Just Bought a $14.5 Million Soho TriplexWhile making a Game of Thrones reference.
  16. rich people things
    Someone Is Building a 10,000-Square Foot Residence In WilliamsburgWith an infinity pool on the third floor.
  17. real estate
    One World Trade Center Is Only About Half Full [Updated]The owners are now offering discounted rent.
  18. neighborhood news
    Dr. Zizmor’s Bronx Mansion Is Still on the Market Like the dermatologist’s subway posters, the home features “remarkable architectural detail of a bygone era.”
  19. real estate
    Speed Dating for Roommates Just Rolled Out in Brooklyn“You put your best foot forward, but hey, you don’t have to sleep with him — unless you want to.”
  20. real estate
    NYC Babies Sleeping Bathrooms, ClosetsTheir parents have them sleeping in bathrooms and closets.
  21. real estate porn
    Watch This Video Tour of a $14.9 Million Soho ApartmentButler’s pantry! Outdoor kitchen!
  22. school daze
    Sexton Made Faculty Housing Into Duplex for SonRight as the school announced a housing shortage.
  23. homelessness
    People Are Literally Living Down Under the Manhattan Bridge OverpassThe sad story gives DUMBO a whole new meaning.
  24. real estate
    Gentrification Is Coming for QueensSales are way up: “Queens is benefiting directly from Brooklyn’s success.”
  25. unreal estate
    Broker Scores $13 Million Deal Using Only Social Media [UPDATED]Sight unseen.
  26. real estate
    Manhattan’s Crazy Real-Estate Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole StoryTop-tier condos are driving average prices way up, but it’s not all bad news for buyers.
  27. architecture
    Davidson: The Domino Sugar Plan Signals a Whole New Attitude Toward DevelopmentNew mayor, new priorities.
  28. real estate
    Williamsburg Is Getting 55-Story Towers, More Affordable HousingAt the Domino Sugar site.
  29. real estate
    House Hunting in Nation’s Hottest Rental MarketIt’s not easy being a boomtown.
  30. Spike Lee’s Amazing Rant Against Gentrification: ‘We Been Here!’Speaking in Brooklyn, the local filmmaker went off.
  31. real estate
    ‘Loft Law’ Deadline Rapidly ApproachesTenants of illegal buildings are running out of time to get covered.
  32. neighborhood news
    New York City Gentrification in 5 GIFsSee how notable city corners have changed via Google Street View art.
  33. real estate
    Rent Now, Get a Free TV: The Strangest Apartment Perks Offered This WinterLandlords are giving away gym memberships, Kindles, and even gift cards.
  34. super bowl 2014
    Super Bowl Rentals Don’t ScoreLocals hoping to profit from the influx of out-of-towners have been unsuccessful.
  35. weinergate forever
    Weiner and Abedin Might Be Apartment Shopping But not a cheap one.
  36. real estate
    Now’s the Time to Negotiate With Your LandlordVacancy rates are up in Manhattan.
  37. real estate
    A Decade in Brooklyn Real Estate, by the Staggering NumbersThe borough is an also-ran no more.
  38. real estate
    5 Ways Getting a Mortgage Will Be Harder in 2014New Dodd-Frank regulations take effect on January 10.
  39. real estate
    Forget the Cold: Manhattan Real Estate Is on FireIt’s a very good time to be a seller.
  40. sexcapades
    Realtors Sued for Using New Jersey Home As Sex PadInstead of selling it.
  41. real estate
    Can an Upper East Side Mansion Really Sell for Nine Figures (and Change)?12 East 69th Street is listed for $114.077 million.
  42. real estate
    Who Stayed at This Craigslist ‘Celebrity Loft’?This is like “Washington slept here,” but more impressive. 
  43. unreal estate
    $10 Million Tribeca Maisonette Comes With Original Keith Haring MuralThe mural was unearthed during renovations.
  44. real estate
    Is Bed-Stuy the New Williamsburg?Ugh.
  45. Four-Bedroom Bushwick Buspartment Available for $8,000 on CraigslistAlso has a toilet. 
  46. real estate
    Whole Upstate Island Is Cheaper Than Average Manhattan ApartmentBut the commute is rough.
  47. the most important people in the world
    Safran Foer Selling Park Slope Home for $14.5MIs Brooklyn dead?
  48. life imitates the simpsons
    Skyscrapers Will Shroud Central Park in DarknessJust like Monty Burns!
  49. real estate
    Manhattan Real-Estate Market As Insane As EverSales are higher than they’ve been since 2007.
  50. crimes and misdemeanors
    U.S. Government Can Seize Iran’s Secret Fifth Avenue Building It could be worth $760 million.
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