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  1. Williamsburg Apartments Continue to Get Bigger, More ExpensiveIt’s the condos. 
  2. Why an Apartment in Bed-Stuy Just Sold for $1 MillionHey, Williamsburg used to be gritty, too. 
  3. real estate
    Second-Quarter Real Estate: First-Time Buyers Flood the MarketIt remains a seller’s market, though.
  4. rich people problems
    It Only Costs $5.4 Million to Live Across the Street From McDonald’sWho wouldn’t want it?
  5. You Still Can’t Afford a House, ProbablyLuckily, you’re not alone.
  6. neighborhood news
    Facebook Is Thinking About Moving DowntownTo AOL’s building.
  7. neighborhood news
    East Williamsburg, Queens? Ridgewood, Brooklyn? WiRi?Add a fake neighborhood name to your property listing for higher value!
  8. tumblr of the day
    There Is an Endless Supply of Worst Rooms in New York CityA new blog collects them all.
  9. neighborhood news
    East Village Survivors Really Did Land $10 Luxury ApartmentsThe Mars Bar veterans came out ahead.
  10. money trouble
    Trinity Church Literally Has More Money Than It Knows What to Do WithA $2 billion portfolio is enough to get people fighting.
  11. real estate
    Notorious B.I.G.’s Childhood Apartment in Brooklyn Selling for $725,000Times have changed.
  12. Manhattan Real-Estate Market in 2013 Is ‘Insane’Why this will be the “year of the frustrated buyer.”
  13. gentrification
    Why Developers Didn’t Destroy BrooklynTwo recent movies get it wrong.
  14. early and often
    Chris Hughes Buys $2 Million House in Husband Sean Eldridge’s Dream DistrictSean Eldridge has filed papers to run for Congress in the area.
  15. real estate
    Bloomberg Announces Super-Tiny Apartments He’ll Never Have to Live InThey can, however, fit a surfboard.
  16. Brooklyn Doesn’t Have Enough Apartments for People Who Want to Buy ThereLow supply, high demand: Guess what happened?
  17. Big-Ticket Sales the Big News in Manhattan Real EstateThe $10 million-plus market is booming.
  18. hurricane sandy
    Other Things Sandy Ruined: Coastal Real EstateSelling for cash is “not your best option.”
  19. hurricane sandy
    FEMA Doesn’t Really Get New York’s Rental MarketGiving people money to rent an apartment only works when there are apartments.
  20. real estate
    Zone A’s Manhattan Apartment Sellers Having Second ThoughtsAfter Sandy, dozens of units are pulled off the market.
  21. hurricane sandy
    Displaced Hurricane Victims Probably Can’t Afford ManhattanEven with FEMA’s help.
  22. real estate
    Cartoonist Jules Feiffer Selling Apartment, Quitting the City“You begin each day coping. There’s a kind of built-in abrasiveness living in the city.”
  23. hurricane sandy
    New York’s Wet Future: How to Live With the SeaUntil last week, re-redesigning the waterfront seemed like a leisure-time extra. Now it’s become urgent business.
  24. real estate
    Prices Soar As Inventory Falls in Brooklyn and QueensThe outer boroughs are getting pricier.
  25. real estate
    Manhattan Rents Soar Thanks to Newly Employed People and Their Precious ‘Jobs’Ugh, great. 
  26. real estate
    Third Quarter Market: Low Inventory, High DemandThat means climbing prices.
  27. cribs
    Anthony Weiner Loses Job, Gets Way Nicer ApartmentIt’s over twice the size of his old place. 
  28. Rise of the Mega-Listings: $50 Million-Plus Apartments Abound in NYCReal-estate porn for the 0.001 percent.
  29. unreal estate
    Is This $100 Million Penthouse Really the City’s Most Expensive Apartment Ever?Not on a per-square-foot cost.
  30. cribs
    Buyers Snapping Up Vacant Land in the HamptonsAnd more from the East End real estate market report.
  31. the rent is too damn high
    Is Manhattan the New Brooklyn (Again)?We’ve heard this one before.
  32. cribs
    Brooklyn Townhouses Becoming Even More UnaffordableAnd more real estate news from Brooklyn and Queens.
  33. the rent is too damn high
    Why Manhattan Rents Are Now at a Two-Year High And where you can go to pay less. 
  34. real estate
    New York’s Apartments Not Small EnoughThe mayor is looking to build some as small as 300 square feet.
  35. only in new york?
    You’re Never Going to Live in a Rent-Stabilized ApartmentUnless you already do. 
  36. the most important people in the world
    Surge of Interest in Katie Holmes’s Building “We went from showing once or twice a week to five showings today, four on Thursday and seven on Friday so far.”
  37. Real Estate Market Report: Slow and Steady Is Winning Not sexy, but stable.
  38. people who have more money than us
    People Who Have More Money Than Us, Part XXVThe Prime Minister of Qatar may drop $250 million on a New York home.
  39. real estate
    Aluminum Awning Added to Endangered Species ListEfforts to encourage mating have been unsuccessful.
  40. worst landlords
    Bad New York Landlords, Part XLVIRemember that fire-escape-less Bronx building?
  41. only in new york?
    Manhattan Rent Tops Previous Month’s All-time HighWhich topped the record set the month before that. A trend!
  42. genius
    Brooklyn Woman Successfully Escapes Rent Obligations for Nine YearsWell played.
  43. It’s Tough to Get an Apartment When You’re Engaged to a MadoffEven (especially?) when you’re willing to pay $20,000 a month.
  44. white men with tech money
    When Facebook Wealth Meets New York Real EstateA little something on the jealousy front for everyone.
  45. real estate
    Oprah Sells Penthouse for $7.75 MillionThereby saving a single mom.
  46. real estate
    Ex-Seventeen Editor Atoosa Rubenstein Unloading Loft for $4 MillionIt’s baggage-free, according to Streeteasy’s new building background checks!
  47. jerks
    Your Landlord Is Not the Worst Landlord(Probably.)
  48. real estate
    The Park Slope Brownstone Where Obama LivedNot too shabby.
  49. real estate
    Hamptons and North Fork Real Estate All Over the PlaceNo rhyme or reason in vacation-home sales.
  50. real estate
    Pat Kiernan Bought a $2 Million House in WilliamsburgThe NY1 host is moving to Brooklyn.
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