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  1. A Mystery Buyer Is About to Purchase Donald Trump’s Childhood HomeThe Jamaica Estates residence went to auction Tuesday.
  2. House Where Trump Threw His First Tantrums Is Up for AuctionA real-estate investor is looking to flip the five-bedroom after buying it for $1.25 million.
  3. Brokers Pitch Secret Service As Hottest Trump Tower AmenityGym, roof deck, doorman, and 24/7 armed security.
  4. 3 Upper West Side Apartment Buildings Are Dumping Trump’s NameThe owner said the removal will help the buildings appeal to more tenants.
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    Report: Saddam Hussein Kept a Secret Torture Chamber on the Upper East Side“You’re not going to hear someone screaming down there.”
  6. Trump’s Tax Avoidance Was Perfectly Legal. That’s Why It’s an Issue.Clinton wants to close some of the loopholes Trump used. The GOP nominee wants to create more.
  7. No One Will Buy This Ohio Office Building That Looks Like a BasketIt’s only $5 million.
  8. America’s Tallest Building Might Be for SaleA new report suggests the Port Authority would like to unload the skyscraper formerly known as the Freedom Tower.
  9. Brooklyn’s Building Boom Went a Bit WildAn area of downtown Brooklyn is about to be “saturated” with open apartments, according to a New York Times report.
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    Can We Get Development in Bushwick Right?At the Rheingold site, ODA tries to balance the needs and wants of rich and poor alike.
  11. There’s a Terrific, Super-Classy Home for Sale in QueensYes, that’s right. The birthplace of Donald Trump can now be yours.
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    The Strangest, and Loveliest, Views in New YorkThat are not necessarily on the 90th floor: gravestones, a trio of camels, and Meg Ryan.
  13. Donald Trump’s Lavish Homes Are Gaudy BehemothsYou can never own too many.
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    Keith Olbermann Puts His Trump Palace Apartment Up for Sale at $3.9 Million“If they had changed the name of it to something more positive like Ebola Palace I would have happily stayed.”
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    Why Chinese Rich Are Cooling on NYC Real EstateChanges in China and the U.S. mean the city’s high-end real estate is starting to cool off.
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    What New Yorkers Learned From Actually Having to Meet Their NeighborsFive novelists talk to their neighbors for the first time, nine New Yorkers share their fantasies about the ones they’ve never met, and how to deal with less-than-ideal ones.
  17. Bjarke Ingels’s Spiral Newest Hudson Yards Tower“Extending the High Line into the skyline.”
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    Feds Deal Huge Blow to NYC’s High-End MarketWill those buyers think of putting their cash elsewhere? 
  19. $$$
    The U.S. Treasury Wants to Know Who’s Buying Up All Those Ritzy Condos in NYC Multi-million-dollar all-cash real-estate purchases in Miami-Dade County will also be tracked. 
  20. The New-Condo Market Went Nuts Last QuarterA sharp rise in prices was fueled by developers’ sales.
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    Affordable Housing Could Look Like ThisThe view from Hunter’s Point South, the city’s largest affordable-housing development since the 1970s.
  22. A Preview Tour of New York’s First Micro-Unit Apartment BuildingInside a studio at Carmel Place — all 302 square feet of it.
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    There Are More Manhattan Apartments for Rent Over $15,000 Than Below $2,000Get super rich or get out.
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    How Do You Sell the Last Two Burial Plots in Manhattan?Location, location, location. For $350,000.
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    Nazi-Founded L.I. Town Restricted to ‘Germans Only’ Is Sued for Discrimination“It’s terrible for everyone — for the kids, for us and even for our dogs.”
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    Brooklyn Real Estate to Manhattan: ‘What’s Good?’As record-breaking sales continue, the borough has become a choice, rather than a priced-out-of-Manhattan necessity — and Queens is rising, too.
  27. on the waterfront
    Developers Keep Building in Sandy Flood ZonesZone A and in harm’s way …
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    Buyers Are Getting Priced Out of Manhattan“I don’t see any relief, outside of a recession where people have to sell.”
  29. Should Real-Estate Developers Fix the Subway?An offer they might not refuse.
  30. Brooklyn Is Basically As Expensive As ManhattanAnd prices keep rising in Queens. Maybe it’s time to take another look at the suburbs.
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    Manhattan’s Real-Estate StalemateAs prices hit record highs, buyers aren’t willing to shell out — and sellers aren’t budging. 
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    Rich Qatari to Drop Quarter Billion on PenthouseIt would be the most expensive home in NYC, by far.
  33. city politic
    Inside the Latest Cuomo–de Blasio Squabble Is a Deeper Divide Over TaxesTwo days of sniping over real-estate regulations.
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    Would You Live Near the Guy Who Shot President Reagan?John Hinckley Jr. may be spending more time in Williamsburg, Virginia.
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    Rupert Murdoch’s 3-Floor Penthouse Can Be Yours for a Measly $72MIt’s 7,600 square feet with panoramic views of the city.
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    Brooklyn’s Housing Market Beats ManhattanThe borough’s prices continue to break records.
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    Honey, I’m Home“We’d both been home for three hours” without realizing it.
  38. Manhattan’s Real-Estate Market Is Finally Cooling OffBut does it mean you can actually afford an apartment?
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    Santiago Calatrava’s Glorious BoondoggleHe was commissioned to design an architectural extravagance at ground zero. He succeeded, an accomplishment that threatens to destroy his reputation.
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    A Look Inside the House Where Elvis’s Photographer LivedAl Wertheimer took some of the most iconic photos of the musician. 
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    The Red Hot Rubble of East New YorkOne of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn is suddenly the focus of both private speculators and City Hall.
  42. real estate
    The Red-Hot Rubble of East New YorkOne of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn is suddenly the focus of both private speculators and City Hall, which wants to build thousands of units of affordable housing there — and by announcing its plans is fueling the land rush.
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    Brooklyn Real-Estate Prices Are at Record HighsAs Manhattan goes, so goes Brooklyn.
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    Manhattan Real-Estate Prices Are at Record Highs — and They’re Only Going UpUltra-high-end luxury condos are helping to fuel the madness.
  45. urbanism
    A Proposed Megatower on the Pier Would Wreck the South Street SeaportThis battle doesn’t just pit preservation against development; it forces us to choose between preservation by neglect and a more active restoration.
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    Brooklyn Is the Least Affordable Housing Market in the CountryManhattan is third.
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    Where’s Anna? A Floor-by-Floor Guide to One World Trade CenterThe Condé Nast move-in schedule, unoccupied upper floors, and more.
  48. neighborhood news
    Some (Potentially Shady) Guy Rents a West Village Duplex for $10 a MonthAnd his lease is supposed to last for 50 years!
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    Brooklyn Home Prices Hit a Crazy New RecordAbove pre-financial-crisis levels.
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    And the Manhattan Apartment That’s Furthest From the Subway Is …It’s pricey!
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