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  1. cable news news
    CNBC Wants That Reality-Show MoneyIf you can’t beat ‘em …
  2. hellivision
    LuAnn de Lesseps Apologizes for Her Daughter’s Lack of ClassBet that stung.
  3. gays of our lives
    Bravo’s Gay Reality Show Still in Planning Phase, Would Feature ‘Less Drama’Than the drama-filled Logo show ‘The A-List,’ that is.
  4. ‘mocialites
    Why Andy Cohen’s New Gay Show Will Hopefully Succeed by Failing at Its Goal [Updated]We have some thoughts about ‘From the Bottom to the Top.’
  5. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin’s Viewership Dives With Second Episode of AlaskaAfter a big debut, the show lost young people.
  6. america’s sweetheart
    And Now, Watch Sarah Palin Smack a Giant Fish in the HeadAll that and more from last night’s ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’!
  7. america’s sweetheart
    Premiere of Sarah Palin’s Alaska Breaks TLC Record With Nearly 5 Million ViewersTake that, ‘What Not To Wear.’
  8. afflictions
    Rachel Uchitel Is Addicted to LoveThat’s what her affair with Tiger Woods was about. Romance.
  9. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin’s Alaska Is Big (and Small)“You can see Russia from here! Almost.”
  10. early and awesome
    Dancing With the Stars Is the Most Bi-partisan Show on TelevisionThe show has brought in the most ad purchases for both parties.
  11. hellivision
    Page Six: Salahis Out of Next Season of Real Housewives of D.C.Now here’s a question: If a television show about a train wreck continues without the actual wreckage, will anybody watch?
  12. bons mots
    ‘I’d Almost Like to Go and Live in Katmandu. I Have Very Few Regrets in My Life, But This Is the One’Charles Ommanney, the now-divorced husband of ‘Real Housewives of D.C.’ star Cat Ommanney, looks back with chagrin on the decision to appear on the show.
  13. hellivision
    Why The Real Housewives of New York City Will Stink Without BethennyHow can you have a Greek tragedy without the chorus?
  14. sex on skates
    Levi Johnston Got His Reality Show Without the Help of Bristol PalinThis story line is continuing on somehow.
  15. tiger catches tail
    Rachel Uchitel to Also Appear on Celebrity RehabThis was even more inevitable than her upcoming stint on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’
  16. gays
    Did You Know There Are Gay Dudes in New Jersey?The ‘Village Voice’ uncovers a disturbing new trend.
  17. free bethenny!
    Bethenny May Actually Be Free From the Real HousewivesFree Bethenny!
  18. intel
    Are Joran van der Sloot and John Mark Karr Really Back in Our Lives?What is this, 2006 all over again?
  19. hellivision
    Real Housewife Sonja Morgan Busted for DWIA night’s partying in Southampton did not end well with one of our favorite ladies.
  20. hellivision
    The Countess Has a Music VideoCan someone please do to our faces whatever they did to hers?
  21. hellivision
    Jill Wants Bethenny Back“I’ve already said sorry many times!”
  22. reality television
    Undercover Boss Looks to Wall Street FirmsCBS show looking for willing execs.
  23. hellivision
    Did You See Our Cameo on High Society Last Night?We were gorgeous.
  24. photo op
    Bethenny’s Sweet, Secluded Honeymoon in St. BartsNo one there but her husband, her fetus, and … those guys with the reality-TV cameras.
  25. ungrateful bastards
    Report: ‘A Lot of Goldman Sachs’ Employees Are Auditioning for The ApprenticeHow far the mighty have fallen.
  26. hellivision
    Bethenny’s Wedding Pics Only Cost $10,000 to $25,000’OK!’ bought the pics that no other celebrity magazine wanted.
  27. sex on skates
    Levi Johnston Pitching an Alaska Reality Show of His OwnDescribed as an “‘Entourage’ on ice.”
  28. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Sells Her Alaska Reality ShowIt’s going to be on the Discovery Channel!
  29. party chat
    Real Housewives’ Simon Van Kempen: Health-Care Battle Like Fight Between Bethenny and JillAha! A metaphor we can finally understand.
  30. sarah palin
    Sarah Palin Asking for Over $1 Million Per Episode for Reality ShowA&E and Discovery in the running to air the show. This is actually happening, guys.
  31. hellivision
    Tinsley Mortimer’s Reality Show Has Driven Someone (Almost) to the Loony BinMalik So Chic turned up at Bellevue yesterday!
  32. stand clear of the closing doors
    NYC Subway Reality Show Put on HoldSeries commissioned by A&E to follow transit workers.
  33. the nadir of civilization
    Khloe Kardashian Meets Barack ObamaWhen the Lakers were honored at the White House today, there was yet another made-for-reality-TV moment.
  34. party lines
    LuAnn De Lesseps Will Be Singing Tonight at BordersThat’s right. Her single ‘Money Can’t Buy Class’ will debut in Columbus Circle.
  35. jersey shore
    Warning: Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW Headed to a Hampton Near YouAnd she might bring Snooki!
  36. white house
    Salahis’ Elaborate Network of Exaggerations Increasingly ExposedAfter the e-mail exchanges behind their infamous White House party crash reveal that they were told they couldn’t attend, a look into their charity pursuits turns up more misleading claims.
  37. hellivision
    LuAnn de Lesseps on White House–Crashing“In New York, we’re the real deal, we actually get INVITED into parties.”
  38. hellivision
    Tinsley: Constantine Maroulis Is a ‘Really Nice Guy’The socialite acts coy about her lip-lock with an American Idol.
  39. hellivision
    Tinsley Mortimer Caught on Film Canoodling With Constantine MaroulisOh God. We’re having, like, THOUGHTS about this.
  40. hellivision
    Meet Coerte Felske, LuAnn de Lesseps’s New Non-Royal BoyfriendYou’ll need to get used to him.
  41. hellivision
    Producers ‘Surprised’ by Devorah Rose, Tinsley Mortimer CatfightEven though they’ve been trying to spark it for weeks.
  42. hellivision
    Devorah Rose on Her ‘War’ Against TinsleyThank God.
  43. socialites
    Tinsley Mortimer Shows Us How Reality-TV Sausage Is MadeAnd predictably, it isn’t pretty.
  44. hellivision
    Terrible Breakup on The Real Housewives of New York!The relationship at the core of the show has disintegrated!
  45. hellivision
    Meet Your New Real Housewives of New York City: Jennifer Gilbert and Sonja MorganThey’re almost real socialites!
  46. hellivision
    Bethenny Really Is Getting Her Own Show!We only have three requests.
  47. hellivision
    Devorah Rose ‘Made’ It to MTVOur favorite multi-show Bravo regular has hit the big time.
  48. party lines
    Bethenny Frankel Accidentally Crashed Renée Zellweger’s PartyAlso, the ‘Real Housewife’ evaluates for us who really won ‘NYC Prep.’
  49. hellivision
    Bethenny Frankel Leaving Real Housewives!This would be terrible news, but she’s getting her own show!
  50. hellivision
    Bravo Warms Us Up for NYC PrepThe trailers for the network’s latest reality show, this time about overprivileged Upper East Side teens, looks to be completely trashy — and delicious.
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