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Rebekah Mercer

  1. after fox
    Peter Thiel Might Be Getting Into the Tucker Carlson BusinessCarlson’s post-Fox show might be getting some big-name investors, including the PayPal co-founder and Rebekah Mercer.
  2. vision 2020
    The Billionaire Mercer Family Has Reportedly Bailed on Trump in 2020The reported loss of the Mercers — vital to Trump’s 2016 run — compounds campaign fears that the GOP’s big-ticket donors won’t show up in 2020.
  3. trump campaign
    Trump’s Data Firm Exploited Private Information From Millions of Facebook UsersCambridge Analytica, which has finally been suspended by Facebook, is even shadier than we thought.
  4. Steve Bannon’s Billionaire Benefactor Cuts Him OffHe may soon be forced to wear only one shirt at a time.
  5. the national interest
    Cambridge Analytica Denies Working With Russia, UnconvincinglyThe most overlooked channel of Trump-Russia cooperation comes into clearer focus with new reporting.