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  1. Nearly 34 Million Vehicles Involved in One of the Largest U.S. Recalls EverThe air bags in millions of cars are rupture-prone. 
  2. gun control
    Anti-Gun Colorado Lawmakers Recalled, Despite Bloomberg FundingThis proxy battle goes to the NRA.
  3. total recall
    The Joe Arpaio Recall Effort Fell Somewhat ShortHow much, they won’t say.
  4. recalls
    Toyota Recalls 681,500 Vehicles in the U.S. Replacement parts are on the way.
  5. recalls
    Egg-Related Salmonella Outbreak SpreadsCalled “one of the largest shell egg recalls in recent history.”
  6. recalls
    E. Coli Outbreak Leads to Lettuce Recall in 25 StatesSo far nineteen people have become ill.
  7. toyota
    Toyota President Attempts To Instill Confidence on KingHe says they are “working” to address problems.
  8. flat tire
    Toyota Official: Recall May Not ‘Totally’ Do the TrickElectronics system could be the problem, he says.
  9. car talk
    Toyota Says It Has Found a Way to Make Its Cars Not Speed You to a Terrifying DeathThe company will start fixing the accelerator pedals of millions of recalled cars this week.