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  1. reconciliation
    Obstructionist Democrats Could Still Kill the Manchin DealChuck Schumer & Co. should keep the Champagne on ice for a while longer.
  2. debt ceiling
    Democrats Must Raise the Debt Limit to a Quadrillion DollarsInstead of trying to win a staring contest with Mitch McConnell, Democrats should use reconciliation to (effectively) abolish the debt ceiling.
  3. congress
    All These Crises in Congress Are Self-ImposedThe dysfunction in D.C. is largely the product of Congress’s own laws and procedures. And lawmakers have the power to fix it.
  4. filibuster reform
    How a Filibuster Reform for Voting Rights Could HappenJoe Manchin and others Democrats could push voting rights reform through the Senate without killing the filibuster — if they want.
  5. politics
    When Will Congress Move on Biden’s Agenda?Democrats’ timetable has slowed, as they are pursuing bipartisan deals and haven’t settled on a legislative strategy. But it will be a busy summer.
  6. GOP Congressional Leaders Ready to Wrap Up 2018 Very SoonCongress will soon find reasons not to act on much of what was supposed to represent its 2018 agenda — other than campaigning for reelection.
  7. 4 Reasons to Ignore Trump’s BudgetTrump just signed a congressional budget deal on Friday. His own budget was out-of-date even as it was being printed.
  8. Cruz Wants to Launch One More Harpoon at the Great White Whale of ObamacareWithout the budget reconciliation process, the GOP can’t pass party-line legislation. McConnell would prefer to stand pat.
  9. The GOP Health-Care Bill Was a Mess. The GOP’s Tax and Budget Plans Are Messier.The GOP’s plans to use the budget process for health-care and tax legislation are already half-ruined. The worst could be yet to come.
  10. The Trump Budget Is Really Just a Cynical PloyThe draconian spending cuts will never pass Congress. But Trump is preparing excuses in advance for when GOP tax cuts balloon the deficit.
  11. GOP Prepares to Make Case Poor People Must Sacrifice So Rich Can Get Tax CutsWhispers are emerging from Capitol Hill to that effect.
  12. When Will We Know Zombie Trumpcare Is Finally Dead?There are at least five scenarios which will mean the unquiet House legislation has given way to something — or nothing — else.
  13. Zombie Trumpcare Getting a Chilly Reception From Senate RepublicansIf the House succeeds in passing a revised version of the American Health Care Act, it faces many trials in the Senate that could unravel it all.
  14. Some Interesting New Clues About What the GOP Is Thinking on Health CareThe party seems to be resisting some of the president-elect’s demands.
  15. Republicans May Not Have the Senate Votes to Repeal ObamacareSix GOP senators have expressed varying degrees of opposition to the “repeal and delay” strategy. Will they support the first step in that direction?
  16. What the Minimum Price for Democratic Cooperation With Trump Should BeThere is only one condition under which Dems should offer bipartisan “cover” to the new administration.
  17. If Republicans Win the White House and Senate, the U.S. Will See Radical ChangesHistorically, the Senate filibuster has put the brakes on huge legislative shifts. That will probably not be the case under a Trump administration.
  18. wedded bliss
    Why Are Fewer New Yorkers Getting Divorced?Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant aren’t the only ones.
  19. health carnage
    Senate Republicans Deal Minor, Easily Surmountable Setback to DemocratsThe House will have to vote on health-care reform again.
  20. health carnage
    Health-Care Reform Isn’t Over, by the WayRepublicans are still trying to make this as difficult as possible for the Democrats.
  21. health carnage
    ‘Reconciliation’ Is Now a Dirty WordIt’s a simple majority now. If you don’t like simple majorities, you should just go back to the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin.
  22. health carnage
    Could Reconciliation End the Health-Care Impasse?The House may be onboard, but the Senate is acting all, “Well, maybe; we’re not sure.”
  23. what other people think
    Democrats Have a Sneaky Plan to Pass Health-Care ReformWelcome to the dangerous, fascinating world of the budget reconciliation process.