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  1. Typo Decimates Kris Kobach’s Lead in Kansas PrimaryKobach’s lead in the Kansas GOP gubernatorial primary is so tiny that changing one number cut his lead by more than half.
  2. presidential election 2016
    Wisconsin Recount Ends, Trump Still WinsTrump-Pence netted 131 votes to add a bit to their margin of victory.
  3. politics
    Stein Campaign Shifts Pennsylvania Recount Effort From State to Federal CourtCampaign balks at a $1 million bond it would have been forced to pay to proceed at the state level.
  4. Here’s What’s Going on With Recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and PennsylvaniaTrump supporters sued to block the recounts, though the audit has already started in Wisconsin.
  5. Wisconsin Recount Underway As Legal Questions Persist in Michigan, PennsylvaniaTrump is expected to challenge Michigan’s recount Thursday, and, on Monday, a court will decide if Pennsylvania will hold a statewide recount.
  6. early and often
    Recount Continues, Despite Trump’s Efforts to Discredit ItEven Jill Stein agrees that it won’t actually change the election outcome.