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Red States

  1. the money game
    How Red States Are Trying to Snuff Out Green InvestingNumerous states are launching a messy preemptive strike against so-called ESG efforts by the financial sector to move away from fossil fuels.
  2. secession
    No, We Can’t Get a National DivorceThere’s growing sentiment for secession, particularly on the right. It should be rejected.
  3. politics
    How Biden Could Bypass Republican State GovernmentsNo one since Johnson and Nixon has tried to direct federal dollars specifically to cities and counties in hostile states, but Biden may consider it.
  4. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus Is Spreading Into Trump CountryAny temptation Trump has to make easing of coronavirus precautions a divisive campaign issue may be frustrated by COVID-19’s spread.
  5. vision 2020
    Will Trump Allow the Coronavirus to Ravage Blue America?The urban–nonurban divide characterizes the coronavirus response and economic crises to a dangerous degree.
  6. coronavirus
    Red America May Blame Blue America for CoronavirusRight now, much of nonmetropolitan America feels relatively immune to COVID-19 fears. But if that changes, metro America, not Trump, could be blamed.
  7. partisanship
    Maybe It’s Time for America to Split UpThe country is hopelessly split. So why not make it official and break up?
  8. politics
    Red State Democrats Can Do Better Than Joe ManchinManchin’s Kavanaugh vote and recent strides by red state progressives raise questions about the wisdom of Dems settling for conservative candidates.
  9. Red States Defend Free Speech — With Laws Punishing Campus ProtestThese First Amendment-loving states have also passed laws punishing companies that refuse to do business with Israel for political reasons!
  10. Red-State Teachers Just Scored a Victory That Could Transform the GOPLast night in Kentucky, teachers showed GOP lawmakers that supporting education cuts could cost them — in a Republican primary.
  11. Oklahoma Teachers Win a Partial VictoryNow teachers have forced GOP politicians into raising pay in a second state. But the fight continues in other states, spilling over into elections.
  12. Republicans Are Playing With a Stacked Deck in the SenateThe GOP’s advantage in dominating small states is giving it a permanent advantage in controlling the U.S. Senate, even in “bad” years for the party.
  13. the urbanist
    The Urban-Rural Divide Matters More Than Red Versus Blue StateThe more metropolitan liberals resist, protest, and strike, the more foreign they will become to the rest of the country.
  14. Red-State Democratic Senators Don’t Seem Scared to Act Like DemocratsA potential Gorsuch filibuster will be a key test. But early indications are that few are breaking party ranks.
  15. Why There Probably Won’t Be a ‘Tea Party of the Left’Progressives rightly want to keep Democrats from working with Trump. But primary challenges in red states aren’t a promising strategy.