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  1. mueller time
    Mueller Report Subpoena Fight Is the First Skirmish in a Long War to ComeAmong other things, the House Democratic leadership needs to show an impeachment-hungry base it’s willing to fight.
  2. mueller time
    The Most Redacted Sections of the Mueller ReportWhat we know we don’t know about the blocked-out information in the Mueller report.
  3. mueller time
    Barr Confirms White House Got a Sneak Peek at the Mueller ReportSeems that Barr helped Team Trump pre-spin the Mueller report — an effort that continued with his press conference spinning it just before release.
  4. mueller report
    Barr Promises Mueller Report Within a Week, Won’t Say If Trump Got a Sneak PeekThe attorney general said the Mueller report’s release is imminent, but there may be more squabbling over what exactly the public gets to see.