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  1. screen time
    Can Reddit Survive Its IPO?The company wants to sell shares to users and user data to Google. Redditors might have other ideas.
  2. screen time
    Reddit and the End of Online ‘Community’A standoff between the site and some of its most devoted users exposes an existential dilemma.
  3. the future
    Lessons in Tending Your MetaverseWhat Facebook could learn from Reddit.
  4. wall street
    Confessions of a Hedgie: ‘I Agree With Reddit’The hellish week of one short seller.
  5. the rational market
    As GameStop Rally Loses Steam, Reddit Finds Silver LiningThe new way to stick it to Wall Street money managers is to bid up the price of a shiny metal owned by Wall Street money managers.
  6. just asking questions
    Is the GameStop Horde a Mob or a Movement?Sinan Aral mostly predicted the Reddit-fueled meltdown on Wall Street this week — and he sees parallels to the Capitol riot.
  7. wall street
    The Final Boss Is CapitalismWho manipulates the manipulators? Not Reddit.
  8. stonks
    Robinhood Banning GameStop Proves the Free Market Is a LieWhen hedge-fund quants exploit vulnerabilities in the market, they’re celebrated as geniuses. When Redditors do the same thing, it’s a scandal.
  9. pivot
    The Sorry State of Diversity on Tech BoardsKara Swisher and Scott Galloway discuss Alexis Ohanian’s resignation from Reddit’s board and the lack of diversity on Silicon Valley boards.
  10. god save the teen
    A Rare Happy Ending Story Involving Reddit and Anti-VaxxersEthan Lindenberger decided to defy his anti-vaxxer parents and get inoculated at 18. Reddit helped him do it.
  11. meet the neets
    When ‘Going Outside Is Prison’: The World of American HikikomoriThe infamous shut-in syndrome, first identified in Japan, may be catching on in the U.S.
  12. select all
    Reddit Bans Major QAnon Hive, r/GreatAwakeningWhere will the conspiracy theorists head now?
  13. select all
    Gamergate Reddit Forum Founder Tries to Shut Down Monster of His Own CreationReddit’s Kotaku in Action was temporarily taken offline on Thursday night.
  14. select all
    A Reddit Forum Devoted to Thanos Is About to Ban Half of Its MembersIt’s about balance or something.
  15. select all
    Posts Indicate Suspect in Toronto Attack Was Radicalized on 4chanAlek Minassian seems to have spent a lot of time on 4chan.
  16. select all
    ‘I Fundamentally Believe That My Time at Reddit Made the World a Worse Place’A conversation with former Reddit product head Dan McComas on the problems with Reddit, Twitter, and the rest of the web.
  17. select all
    Q&A With Ellen Pao on Reddit, Facebook, and the Future of the InternetEllen Pao, former Reddit CEO, discusses Reddit’s focus on growth, Facebook’s homogeneity, and whether anything can be changed.
  18. select all
    An Apology for the Internet — From the Architects Who Built ItEven those who designed our digital world are aghast at what they created. A breakdown of what went wrong.
  19. select all
    Tinder Helped Me Say NoTinder made it okay to be mad when people overstep my boundaries.
  20. select all
    Reddit and Twitter Ban AI-Generated Porn ‘Deepfakes’These videos use computer algorithms to seamlessly edit celebrity faces into porn.
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    Talking Basement-Dwellers With Reddit’s New Favorite Philosopher12 Rules for Life author Jordan Peterson is a sudden celebrity as a tough-love self-help guru.
  22. select all
    Mike Cernovich’s Reddit Ask Me Anything Went About As Well As You’d ExpectUnhinged “citizen journalist” Mike Cernovich decided he wanted to get viciously roasted online, and Reddit was happy to make it happen.
  23. select all
    The Great Bitcoin Freak-out Is Generating Some Great Freak-outsThoughts and prayers.
  24. select all
    This Video-Game Company Now Has the Most-Hated Comment in Reddit HistoryPlayers are mad they have to play a game for a long time to get a reward.
  25. select all
    Reddit Cracks Down on Violent Content, Removing Nazi GroupsGlorifying or inciting violence is now prohibited in most cases.
  26. select all
    The 20 Most Terrifying Stories on the InternetYou probably shouldn’t read these before bed.
  27. select all
    Today’s Internet Optical Illusion Is This Nausea-Inducing FloorLook very closely at that dip in the floor.
  28. select all
    Matching Your Socks to the Subway Floor Makes for a Good Optical IllusionWhat’s a floor? What’s a sock? What is the meaning of life?
  29. select all
    4chan Isn’t Dealing So Well With Steve Bannon’s White House ResignationRedditors, too.
  30. select all
    Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Goes on Kimmel, Airs Random User’s CommentsAnother classic Jimmy Kimmel prank!
  31. select all
    Did CNN ‘Blackmail’ a Redditor Over His Trump Wrestling GIF?There isn’t really a middle ground between sober and objective news organization and righteous internet vigilante gang.
  32. select all
    Imzy, the Nice Reddit, Follows the Alt-Right Reddit, Voat, to the GraveImzy was founded two years ago by an ex-Reddit employee as a friendlier alternative.
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    Is Donald Trump Getting His News From Reddit?He probably didn’t find that old Rosie O’Donnell tweet on his own.
  34. select all
    Reddit ‘Red Pill’ Founder ‘Never Hated Women’A Republican lawmaker from New Hampshire comes under fire after it was discovered he founded a notoriously anti-woman subreddit.
  35. select all
    Did You Know Owls Had Freakishly Long Legs?Well? Did you?
  36. select all
    Kellyanne Conway’s Weird Oval Office Sofa Picture Gets a Reddit MakeoverConway reimagined as Lieutenant Kellyanne from Forrest Gump might be the best one.
  37. select all
    ‘Things You Did on Ambien’ Is Peak RedditSleeping pills combined with internet access, what could possibly be better?
  38. select all
    Dude Vows to Eat Picture of Jason Segel’s Face Daily Until Segel Eats One of HisToday marks day one.
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    When You’re Creeping Hard and Searching for a Perfect Meme to Explain ItA scene from Spy Kids 2 is getting revived via memes.
  40. select all
    The Alt-Right No Longer Has a Home on RedditThe culling continues.
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    Will Trump’s Trolls Allow Him to End the Open Internet?The trolls and activists among Donald Trump’s most fervent online supporters are divided about his likely internet policies.
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    Reddit Finds Trash Can That Looks Strikingly Like Donald TrumpThe picture speaks for itself.
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    Man Makes Good on Reddit Promise to Give Cat Several Thousand Stern LooksHe promised one stern look for every Reddit upvote his post received … he got over 11,000 upvotes.
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    Allow Us to Explain How This Straight Pole Fits Through a Curved HoleA good optical illusion unearthed from Reddit.
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    Today in Optical Illusions: Sliced HamNothing to see here except a potentially blurry picture of some ham.
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    What It’s Like Working at Hot Topic (It Involves Dragons)“You must give your soul to me … I am going to become what my father was before my birth: the Eternal Dragon Guardian of Time.”
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    Who Is Alexis Ohanian?The Reddit co-founder just got engaged to Serena Williams.
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    Where. Are. This. Girl’s. Legs.The last viral optical illusion of 2016.
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    When Reddit Pairs You With Bill Gates and Snoop Dogg for Secret SantaBill Gates apparently likes to shop at Hot Topic.
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    Watch This Fishing Video and Ride a Roller Coaster of EmotionsWait for it …
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