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  1. the internet
    Is Reddit Being Scared Straight for Encouraging a ‘Suicide’?There’s a strange, tragic tale developing in a dark corner of the Internet.
  2. the internet
    In Policy Shift, Reddit Bans Child Pornography“Today we are adding another rule: No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors.”
  3. pixel-stained wretches
    The Wikipedia Blackout Is HereDid you stock up on water and canned goods?
  4. technology
    Anti-Piracy Bills in Congress Are Not Dead YetSOPA is delayed, but PIPA rolls on.
  5. the internet
    Internet Assists in Search for Missing Student His family is using his favorite website to help find him.
  6. the internet
    Reddit Plans to Black Itself Out to Protest SOPAReddit will go dark for twelve hours on January 18.
  7. the internet
    Condé Nast Disassociates From NerdsReddit gets some freedom.
  8. hacktivism
    People Are Now Uploading Academic Research to File-Sharing SitesKids today!
  9. hack to the future
    Reddit Co-founder Accused of Stealing Documents From MIT and JSTORIf he’d spent more years in college, maybe he wouldn’t be so thirsty for academic papers.
  10. media
    Ben Huh Wants to Save Reddit From Condé Nast’s ‘Corporate Interference’Would the links site be better off with cheezeburgers instead of Condé cafeteria salads?