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    A Facebook VR Millionaire Is Funding an Anti-Hillary Group Based on MemesAnother Trump supporter ranks high up on Facebook’s corporate ladder.
  2. Hillary Clinton’s Tech Guy Seems to Have Asked Reddit How to Be SneakyThe House Benghazi Committee is already looking into the claims.
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    Redditor Wants to Commit Neighbor Woman for Brushing Him Off With ‘I’m Married’Some people just can’t take a hint.
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    Teacher Wants Students to Know English Lit Class Will Be, Um, Well, LitIt’s lit.
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    Cotton Candy-Covered Girl Makes for Great Photoshop BattleSo many Breaking Bad jokes.
  6. Is It Too Late to Declare This Rubber Chicken EDM Track the Song of Summer?Just wait till the beat drops.
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    Savage 2-Year-Old Solves the Trolley ProblemThat’s one way to do it.
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    Nothing to See Here But a Kid Getting Trapped Between Two CowsMoooooove.
  9. Many People Are Saying Donald Trump Donated to NAMBLASeveral very smart people are saying that this is the reason Trump won’t release his tax returns, according to a very credible Reddit troll.
  10. DNC Email-Leak Star Pablo Hosts AMA With Trump Supporters“Hillary is going to wipe the floor with your guy between now and November.”
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    Let Reddit Ruin This Lovely Photo of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for YouWhat an embrace.
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    You Are Probably Having a Better Monday Than This Guy Covered in MonkeysThe insane picture inspired a Photoshop battle on Reddit.
  13. This Game of Thrones Photoshop Battle Is Lit, You Might SaySubtle spoilers ahead.
  14. Majestic Philly Man Becomes Reddit Celebrity for Standing Over Subway GrateWe have so many questions.
  15. Jerry Seinfeld Will Not Sully the Legacy of Bee Movie With a SequelUn-bee-lievable.
  16. This Kid Named Tom Really Needs to Stop Shooting His Dad With a Nerf Gun“You little bastard!”
  17. Today’s New Optical Illusion Debate: How Many Guys on This Boat?How many guys went fishing that day?
  18. This Is the Single Best Way to Get Revenge on a Game of Thrones–Loving ExDaenerys would be so proud.
  19. We Can’t Stop Laughing at These Photoshopped Pictures of a Two-Legged CatMe-ouch. (I’m sorry.)
  20. Hoverboarding Man-Child Demands His 5 a.m. Tostitos and Pop-TartsDon’t be this guy. Never be this guy.
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    Eating Corn on the Cob Using a Power Drill is the Ultimate Life HackPainful and delicious.
  22. Did Axe Steal ‘Shower Thoughts’ From Reddit?Shower thought: If a big brand … steals an idea … from a media brand … that made its name on stolen stuff … who is the thief?
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    Wyclef Deleted His Reddit After an AMA DisasterSeriously. Bad idea.
  24. The Troll Behind Reddit’s Best TrainwreckThe mix of brazen criminality and abject stupidity that made r/legaladvice the Reddit trainwreck of choice was partly the product of a prolific troll.
  25. Reddit Plagued by Star Wars SpoilersDozens have been banned for spoiling The Force Awakens.
  26. 9 Charts That (Sort of) Prove That Reddit Has Gotten BetterA definitive answer to the question of swag versus class.
  27. Viral Bullied Man Gets Justice Thanks to RedditA white guy in Taiwan gets harassed for having a Taiwanese girlfriend — and Reddit comes to the rescue!
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    The Best Subreddit Is This One Entirely Devoted to ‘Space Jam’ RemixesCome on and slam.
  29. tech
    Can Steve Huffman Save Reddit From Itself?He co-founded Reddit. Sold Reddit. Watched Reddit grow. Watched Reddit flounder. Watched Reddit mutiny. Now he’s back, to try to pull Reddit back from the brink.
  30. tech
    Can Steve Huffman Save Reddit From Itself?He co-founded Reddit. Sold Reddit. Watched Reddit grow. Watched Reddit flounder. Watched Reddit mutiny. Now he’s back.
  31. the internet
    What Really Caused the Reddit Revolt?Untangling the theories on what sparked the ongoing meltdown on the “front page of the internet.”
  32. reddit
    Reddit Bans Sharing Nude Images Without the Photo Subject’s ConsentBut will it actually make a difference?
  33. the internet
    Reddit Got Rid of the Page That Hosted the Celebrity Nude Photos The site’s administrators claim that they “deplore the theft” of the images.
  34. The 5 Stages of Bitcoin GriefDenial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance on the crypto-currency message boards.
  35. the sports section
    John Rocker’s Reddit AMA Went About As Well As You’d Expect“If you weren’t gay you would call yourself David.”
  36. money
    What New Yorkers Earn for a Living, Courtesy of RedditMore than 130 Redditors shared their salaries.
  37. memorials
    Anger at Prosecutors Boils Over at Aaron Swartz Memorial They were “hellbent on destroying Aaron’s life.”
  38. the internet
    Swartz Suicide Sparks ‘Aaron’s Law’ on RedditShe wants to amend the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act he was being charged under.
  39. the internet
    Aaron Swartz Suicide Fuels Fight on CybercrimeSupporters of the Internet activist blame the government.
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    Creep-Out King of Reddit Explains the Thrill of ‘Meaningless Internet Points’Now that his anonymity is gone, he might as well appear on CNN.
  41. the internet
    Here’s the Gawker Article Reddit Was So Afraid OfInternet trolls: exactly as you’d expect them to be.
  42. the internet
    Reddit Blacklists Gawker in Defense of Creepy PicturesThe massive Internet message board doesn’t like looking sleazy.
  43. reddit
    Gary Johnson to Reddit: Don’t Shoot the WikiLeaks MessengerBradley Manning, however …
  44. the internet
    The Only Surprising Part of Barack Obama’s Reddit AMA Was That It HappenedThe president of the United States did a live Q&A on the Internet’s biggest message board.
  45. frank rich
    Frank Rich Takes Your Questions Tomorrow on RedditGet those upvotes ready.
  46. reddit
    What We Learned From Today’s Cory Booker Reddit Appearance He loves Ben & Jerry’s and Nichelle Nichols, and he thinks that the Brick City Bricks would be a good name for a Newark basketball team.
  47. the internet
    Cory Booker Will Answer Questions on Reddit Tomorrow As part of the giant message board’s “IAmA” feature. 
  48. leap second
    Leap Second Gave the Internet a Really Bad HeadacheIt knocked out a dozen or so major websites.
  49. ink-stained wretches
    Hugo Lindgren Doesn’t Watch GirlsThe ‘Times Magazine’ editor admitted as much on Reddit today.
  50. the internet
    Reddit Plots to Protect Porn From Mitt Romney The “swift-bonering” campaign is under way.
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