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  1. politics
    Incoming NY Governor Kathy Hochul Gives First Press Conference After Cuomo's Resignation
    New York Has a New Congressional Map — AgainIn the end, Democrats declined to play gerrymandering hardball.
  2. politics
    USA Capitol Building dome with American flag flying.
    The Winners and Losers From New York’s New Congressional MapState Democrats have opted against instituting an extreme gerrymander.
  3. politics
    New York’s New Congressional Map Might Disappoint EveryoneThe new map made small changes to a few upstate districts but is far from the big Democratic win some had hoped for.
  4. politics
    New York Dems’ Huge Redistricting Win Could Swing the HouseIn a 4-3 decision, New York’s highest court ordered congressional maps to be redrawn — again.
  5. politics
    The New York Redistricting Case That Could Swing CongressYes, we’re doing this all again.
  6. politics
    New York Dems Might Be Able to Draw Republicans Out of a JobAn appellate court ordered the state’s congressional map be redrawn once again. But the legal battle isn’t over.
  7. politics
    Democrats Have a Chance to Undo New York’s Unfriendly Congressional MapA state court case is arguing that last year’s tumultuous redistricting process should be redone and that a new House map be drawn for 2024.
  8. early and often
    Supreme Court Passes Up Chance to Keep Gutting Voting Rights ActIn a surprise, a 5-4 majority including Roberts and Kavanaugh struck down GOP-drawn congressional districts challenged by Black Alabama voters.
  9. early and often
    North Carolina Court Deals Big Blow to Dems’ Chances of Retaking the HouseJudges reopened the door to partisan gerrymandering, and Republicans can expect to gain three to four congressional seats by 2024.
  10. early and often
    How New York’s Redistricting Became a War of All Against All for Democrats“It was mass hysteria. Everyone assumed the whole thing was a plot against them.”
  11. the city politic
    6 Things to Know About New York’s New Congressional MapThe final redistricting map was revised to avoid a civil-rights firestorm, but it still creates a complicated mess for Democrats.
  12. politics
    A Lot of Democrats Are Mad at Sean Patrick MaloneyHis decision to challenge a fellow incumbent Democrat is rubbing many colleagues the wrong way.
  13. politics
    Draft Congressional Map Upends Several New York Democrats’ DistrictsThe proposed map, which is far less favorable to Democrats, is set to make some long-serving House members primary opponents.
  14. politics
    Federal Judge Approves Moving New York Congressional Primary to AugustThe primary for New York’s congressional seats will now be held on August 23.
  15. early and often
    How to Gerrymander a FiascoNew York Democrats thought they could rig redistricting. They made the state’s democracy a national laughingstock again instead.
  16. politics
    Top N.Y. Court Tosses Congressional Maps in Huge Blow to DemsJudges ruled that maps drawn by the Democratic legislature constituted illegal gerrymandering.
  17. politics
    A Brief Guide to New York’s Redistricting MessA judge ordered new Democratic-friendly maps thrown out, but that’s not the end of the story.
  18. redistricting
    Appeals Court Rules New York Congressional Map Favors DemocratsBut the decision is likely to be appealed to the state’s highest court, where all seven judges were appointed by Democratic governors.
  19. redistricting
    The Ominous Elections News From Democrats’ Supreme Court WinThe Court’s conservative majority is getting close to an endorsement of the “independent state legislature” doctrine that Trump touted in 2020.
  20. politics
    Supreme Court Keeps Eroding the Voting Rights ActWithout so much as a hearing, conservative justices restored an Alabama congressional map designed to minimize Black representation.
  21. 2022 midterms
    Democrats Need More Than Redistricting Wins in 2022There’s been great news for Democrats on the redistricting front. But actually holding the House in the midterms will still be very tough.
  22. politics
    Solid-Blue California Still Can’t Pass Universal Health CareA single-payer bill endorsed by many Democrats in the state wasn’t even brought up for a vote in the Assembly. Why does this keep happening?
  23. politics
    New York Democrats Have Gerrymandered Their Way to a Huge AdvantageAlbany lawmakers bypassed an independent redistricting commission and played hardball with the congressional map.
  24. 2022 midterms
    California May Help Democrats Curb 2022 LossesThe results of the Golden State’s redistricting process could endanger GOP incumbents, offsetting Democrats’ expected U.S. House losses.
  25. redistricting
    The GOP’s Targeting of Lucy McBath Could Face Voting-Rights ChallengeGeorgia Republicans were likely emboldened by the recent erosion of voting rights, but their new congressional map could still spark a federal suit.
  26. vision 2020
    2020 Was a Victory That Quietly Crushed Democrats’ HopesWinning the White House and Congress was obviously better than losing, but many current Democratic struggles are rooted in 2020 underperformance.
  27. 2020 census
    Census Data Show America Is Getting Less and Less WhiteThis may put a dent in Republicans’ gerrymandering schemes.
  28. 2022 midterms
    Will Republicans Gerrymander Their Way to a House Majority?Democratic efforts to thwart the GOP’s redistricting advantage don’t look promising. But there are practical limits to mapmaking mischief.
  29. 2022 midterms
    Could Democrats Defy History and Keep Congress in 2022?There is recent precedent for the president’s party gaining House seats in unusual midterm elections, but it is still a long shot for Democrats.
  30. redistricting
    State-Legislative Redistricting Is a Big Deal, TooWhile most people focus on congressional redistricting, the state-legislative-redistricting process is where Republicans may perpetuate their power.
  31. democrats
    Democrats Are Shooting for the Moon in 2021, and That’s OkayThe usual choice between getting things done and holding on to power is no choice at all for Democrats right now.
  32. 2022 mdterms
    A Historical Reminder: Iron Political Trends Sometimes Turn to DustThere’s only so much the last election can tell you.
  33. politics
    New York Will Lose Seat in Congress Because 89 People Didn’t Fill Out the Census2020 census reapportionment data showed seven House seats changing hands, but a net gain of just three in states carried by Trump.
  34. voting rights
    The John Lewis Voting Rights Act Picks Up SteamWith a broader bill stalled, the Congressional Black Caucus pushes Democrats to restore the original Voting Rights Act.
  35. vision 2020
    Yes, Geographical Polarization Was a Big Deal in 2016 and 2020New data shows that the suburban swings to the left and rural swings to the right are consistent with the intuitive trends in the last two elections.
  36. republican party
    Why Republicans Think They Can Regain Power Without Repudiating TrumpismFrom the midterm precedents to the belief that Trump expanded the GOP’s reach, Republicans have a host of reasons to be complacent.
  37. georgia voting law
    Georgia Republicans Working Hard to Sabotage a 2022 ComebackGeorgia’s GOP could be upbeat heading toward the midterms. But the voting-law debacle and a Trump purge could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  38. politics
    5 Lessons About Politics for 2021The 2020 election may be over, but it’s got lessons for the future.
  39. 2020 elections
    Democrats Didn’t Have As Bad an Election As You Might ThinkThe conventional wisdom is that Biden won but his party “lost” the battle for the House and the Senate. That’s not really true.
  40. redistricting
    Democrats Face a Redistricting DisasterDemocrats missed many targets for flipping legislative chambers. Only the rise of independent commissions to draw maps is limiting the damage.
  41. 2020 elections
    2020 Was a Disaster for Democrats Trying to Take Over State HousesAn ambitious and expensive effort to bust up Republican power in the states fell flat.
  42. 2020 census
    Congressional Democrats Need to Stop the Census Power GrabThe Trump administration claims there isn’t enough time to count everybody. Democrats should insist that Congress give it to them.
  43. 2020 elections
    How a Blue Wave in 2020 Could Yield Redistricting Gains for DemocratsThe GOP’s landslide win in 2010 allowed them to shift the balance of power across the country. This year, Democrats might be able to do the same.
  44. vision 2020
    What Would a Democratic ‘Tsunami’ in November Look Like?A big Biden win would result in a takeover of the Senate and state legislature gains just in time for redistricting.
  45. 2020 elections
    New North Carolina Map Endangers At Least Two House RepublicansIf state courts reject this latest party-line map, Republican could lose more U.S. House seats, and the trend may spread to other states.
  46. the vote
    Trump’s New Attempt to Skew RedistrictingAfter SCOTUS halted a citizen question in the 2020 Census, the administration is collecting data states can use to base redistricting on citizenship.
  47. 2020 census
    Trump Caves on Census Citizenship Question, But Hints at a Broader Fight AheadIt was a classic Trumpian retreat, disguised in a cloud of obfuscation, lies, and threats.
  48. supreme court
    Supreme Court Puts Census Citizenship Question on Hold — for NowIn a 5–4 decision, the Court told the Trump administration to supply a better rationale for a Census citizenship question. Whether it can is unclear.
  49. supreme court
    Where’s the Supreme Court’s Census Decision?It’s possible new evidence of the administration’s true intent in placing a citizenship question in the 2020 Census is causing a delay at SCOTUS.
  50. vision 2020
    Why Republicans Might Not Mind Losing the White House in 2020If Republicans hang onto the Senate in 2020 and have the power to obstruct, they might decide their future looks brighter without the 45th president.
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