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  1. politics
    No Immigration Breakthrough in Reconciliation Bill, Says ParliamentarianUnder the Senate’s obscure Byrd Rule, the budget implications of immigration reforms benefiting eight million people are “incidental.”
  2. politics
    Should Democrats Gamble on Immigration Reform in 2021?If the parliamentarian lets Democrats put immigration reform in the reconciliation bill, they’ll have to choose between principle and midterm fears.
  3. afghanistan
    One Dead After Firefight Breaks Out at Kabul AirportMeanwhile, the U.S. military evacuated 10,400 people over a 24-hour period, a new high for the effort.
  4. conservatism
    Afghan Refugee Crisis Will Test the Strength of GOP NativismWhile some Republicans slam Biden for betraying Afghans, Trumpists are already mulling anti-refugee primary campaigns in 2022.
  5. veep
    President Biden Isn’t Making Life Easy for Kamala HarrisThe vice-president is the presumed front-runner to someday succeed Biden. He might want to start giving her less impossible assignments.
  6. immigration
    Biden Keeps Trump’s Record-Low Refugee-Admissions Cap, Breaking PledgeFollowing backlash over the reversal, the White House later signaled it would still raise the cap this fiscal year, but not as high as it had pledged.
  7. politics
    Democrats Advance Citizenship for 3.5 Million ImmigrantsA path to citizenship for Dreamers and migrant farmworkers heads to the Senate again, but the GOP will stall it to rail at the “border crisis.”
  8. immigration
    Last Year’s Refugee Cap Was the Lowest Ever. Trump Just Cut It By a Third.The U.S. let nearly eight times as many refugees come in during 1980 as it will in the next year.
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    New Study: High Facebook Usage Linked to ViolenceAttacks against refugees correlated with areas of higher-than-average Facebook usage.
  10. Trump Mulls Slashing Refugee Admissions by 40 PercentAmid a global-migration crisis, the world’s wealthiest country is poised to cut refugee admissions to historic lows.
  11. How Trump’s Immigration Proposal Could Be Trouble for DemocratsTurns out Americans are much more open to restrictions on legal immigration than they are to deporting Dreamers.
  12. domestic terrorism
    A Militia’s Plot to Bomb Somali Refugees in a Kansas TownGarden City, Kansas, wanted to help refugees. Some Infowars-reading neighbors had another plan.
  13. Tennessee Braces for White-Supremacist Rallies on SaturdayAn even more extreme group than the one that roiled Charlottesville is planning “White Lives Matter” events in Tennessee.
  14. Trump’s Refugee Ban Is Ending, But Comes With Stricter RequirementsNew vetting requirements reportedly go into effect Wednesday.
  15. Get Ready for More Court Battles Over Trump’s New, Broader Travel BanJust as SCOTUS prepared to consider the original version, the president has issued a new ban that raises some of the same old issues.
  16. The Trump Administration’s New, Permanent Travel Restrictions Are on the WayThe temporary travel ban that caused so much chaos and litigation is now giving way to permanent policies, with more litigation certain.
  17. ‘Stupid,’ ‘Disgusting’ Australia Refugee Deal Goes Into EffectTrump derided the deal in his first call with Australia’s leader. But the (actually good and humane) agreement is proceeding as planned.
  18. Trump White House Reportedly Nixed Study Showing Benefits of RefugeesIt didn’t line up with their anti-immigrant ideology.
  19. Trump Administration Considers Cutting Refugee Cap to Lowest in DecadesAfter reducing the refugee quota to 50,000 in 2017, the Trump administration may go even lower in 2018.
  20. SCOTUS Rules Grandparents Exempt From Travel Ban, But Refugees Not So LuckyIn a case clarifying its earlier ruling that let the Trump travel ban partially take effect pending oral arguments, the Court splits the baby.
  21. A Limited Version of Trump’s Travel Ban Will Take Effect ThursdayThree days after the Supreme Court lifted the injunctions against the ban, the U.S. will begin barring visitors from six Muslim-majority nations.
  22. migrant crisis
    Migrants Faced More Than 3,500 Attacks in Germany Last Year: ReportGermany’s immigrant population has become the target of a growing number of hate crimes.
  23. Here Comes the GOP Attack on Legal ImmigrationIn the wake of a crackdown on undocumented immigrants, plans are already underway to restrict the legal form, long the great dream of nativists.
  24. international affairs
    Sweden Confused After Trump Cites Nonexistent Terrorist IncidentTrump’s fake Swedish news reflects a misleading right-wing narrative about refugee-perpetrated crime.
  25. Most Americans Disapprove of Trump — and His Executive OrdersNew polls show broad opposition to Trump’s immigration orders, and 40 percent support for the president’s impeachment.
  26. immigration
    24 Hours at JFK: The Hour-by-Hour Account of Two Iraqis’ Detainment and ReleaseThanks to a team of lawyers operating on no sleep, two persistent New York representatives, and a huge mass of spontaneous protesters.
  27. Trump Prepares to Radically Reduce American Funding of the United NationsTrump’s executive order would cut U.S. funding of international organizations by 40 percent, devastating U.N. peacekeeping and refugee aid efforts.
  28. White House Looks to Resettle the Most Refugees Since 1995More than any year since 1995.
  29. The 10,000th Syrian Refugee Is About to Be Resettled in AmericaThe Obama administration has met its yearlong goal.
  30. Trump Not Very Christian About RefugeesTrump stayed on his own familiar turf at a Faith and Freedom Coalition event today. Sad to say, that included the kind of refugee-bashing that Jesus condemned pretty categorically.
  31. NATO Now Getting Involved in the Migrant CrisisPolicing the seas to try to stop smugglers. 
  32. Denmark Passes Law to Seize Migrants’ Valuables at the BorderIncluding the “jewelry bill.”
  33. German City Bans Asylum-Seekers From Public PoolThe ban will remain in place until “the message has come across.” 
  34. terrorism
    Two Iraqi Refugees Arrested on Suspicion of Supporting Syrian Terror GroupsAws Al-Jayab and Omar Al Hardan are both accused of lying to immigration officials about their terrorist affiliations.
  35. The Obama Administration’s New Deportation Plan Could Be a Headache for ClintonA plan to deport hundreds of Central American families could put the Democratic front-runner between Barack and a hard place.
  36. Canada Welcomes Refugees; U.S., Not So MuchCanadian prime minister Justin Trudeau personally welcomed one of the first waves of refugees to his country, while a federal court blocked Texas’s attempt to stop the resettlement of refugees. 
  37. homeward bound
    Texas Attorneys Back Down, Will Allow Syrian Refugees for NowThey are still seeking a legal position that would allow them an injunction.
  38. press pause
    House Passes Bill to Block RefugeesSince it still seems unlikely the bill will become law, it probably won’t do much else than that. 
  39. Virginia Mayor Praises Japanese InternmentHe approvingly cites Roosevelt’s policy of Japanese internment.
  40. De Blasio Jumps Into Scrum Over RefugeesThe mayor said turning them away would be “to hand terrorists a victory over our democracy.”
  41. Jeb Bush Says He Wouldn’t Ban Syrian RefugeesJeb Bush may be low-energy, but when it comes to Syrian refugees, he isn’t low-empathy.
  42. last-ditch fearmongering
    Vitter Campaign Goes All In on Refugee HysteriaTrailing badly, Vitter portrays his Democratic opponent as soft on Syrian orphans.
  43. migrant crisis
    The U.S. Will Accept More Refugees, But That Won’t Help Many SyriansFor most people displaced by the Syrian civil war, America’s response is too little, too late.
  44. Croatia Overwhelmed by Thousands of MigrantsThe European Union’s muddled response to the crisis is now on full display.
  45. Pope Francis’s Refugee Morality PlayFrancis applies familiar Catholic values and waits for the world’s knees to buckle.
  46. United States Will Accept 10,000 Syrian RefugeesAfter Kerry said Wednesday that the U.S. would increase the total number of refugees to 75,000.
  47. international intrigue
    Lebanon Would Like Syria to Please Stop Sending Refugees AlreadyPlease.