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    Robert Pattinson to Play Prince Harry?But Harry is the FUN prince.
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    Gerard Butler Takes Off From Planet KellyThe ‘300’ star burns the ‘Real Housewife’ in favor of Rose Byrne.
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    Natalie Portman Did Not Hook Up With Sean PennYou can all sleep again.
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    Si to Shutter ‘Teen Vogue’?Teen Vogue may be the next Condé Nast magazine to fold. Some 370 girls auditioned to be Rockettes recently; two were hired. Reggie Jackson took issue with the scene in The Bronx Is Burning in which he loses his temper. Usher and Tameka Foster may be married in the Hamptons this week. Kelly Clarkson apologized to Clive Davis after realizing that her album was as bad as he claimed it was. Diddy wrote a song and shot a video about ex-girlfriend Kim Porter. A 9-year-old girl cried after being rebuffed for an autograph by Hilary Duff. Flava Flav got the celebrity-roast treatment. Elle is throwing a party for August cover girl Sarah Jessica Parker in the Hamptons. John Legend shopped for BBQ fixings at the Houston Street Whole Foods.
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    At ‘Bronx’ Premiere, ‘77 Yank Mickey Rivers Remembers Reggie It can’t be easy to watch yourself portrayed as Reggie Jackson’s rival in an eight-week ESPN miniseries. But at last week’s premiere party for The Bronx Is Burning, which debuted last night, Mickey Rivers, who played center field for the Yanks in that ‘77 season, was laughing up a storm. When he left the screening, he had a friend deliver a few words to Daniel Sunjata, who plays Jackson: “I still don’t like Reggie, but you’re okay.” Then he spoke to New York about his old nemesis, life in the old dugout, and whether Alex Rodriguez is the new Reggie.