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Release The Memo

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    Trump Will Not Release Democrat’s Rebuttal MemoThe president is suddenly a lot more concerned about the opinions of law enforcement officials.
  2. Nunes: Fine, the FBI Didn’t Lie, But Its Font Was Too SmallThe author of the famous memo scales back his accusation.
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    ‘The Memo’ Follows the Republican Plan to Destroy Neutral AuthorityThe FBI joins the media, academia, budget forecasters, scientists, and other subjects of right-wing attack.
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    The Backward Logic of the Nunes MemoRepublicans argue any investigators who think Trump might be compromised by Russia must be biased against him.
  5. 6 Quick Takeaways From the Nunes Memo Even if all of the memo’s assertions are true, it would do nothing to discredit the validity of the Mueller investigation.
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    Did Donald Trump Read the Memo? Could He Read It?What happens when a semiliterate president finds himself at the center of a debate about a document?
  7. Trump Decided to Release the Memo Because People on TV Told Him To: ReportsCable news coverage and talks with Sean Hannity convinced him that the Nunes memo should be declassified, before he’d even read it.
  8. Dems Say Nunes Altered Memo Sent to White House, Making It an Even Bigger ShamAdam Schiff says lawmakers must vote on the “substantive” changes. Nunes says that’s a “distraction” — from his effort to undermine Mueller.
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    Trump Overheard Saying He’ll ‘100 Percent’ Release the Nunes MemoCameras caught Trump reassuring a GOP lawmaker at the State of the Union, hours after the White House had denied that he’d decided to make it public.
  10. House GOP Votes to #ReleaseTheMemo GOP Wrote to Discredit Russia ProbeRepublicans on the House Intelligence Committee decided a Democratic memo rebutting their claims should remain under wraps.
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    Trump Aide Confirms Trump Wants to #ReleaseTheMemoThe president will undoubtedly support any effort to discredit the Russia investigation.
  12. The GOP’s FBI Conspiracy Theory Just Got Even DumberLooks like the FBI wasn’t corrupted by a “secret society” of Hillary Clinton supporters, after all.
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    Why an Unreleased 4-Page Memo From Devin Nunes Is Causing a Frenzy on the RightThe memorandum, written by Nunes staff members, has the conservative media fired up. But if it’s really so explosive why isn’t it public?