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  1. religion
    The Infidel Turned ChristianAyaan Hirsi Ali’s latest conversion is all about politics.
  2. religion
    The Dark Side of CourtshipShannon and Joshua Harris’s relationship was held up as a model for millions of Evangelicals. Now, she’s reclaiming her story.
  3. power
    ‘The First Thing I Did Was Text My Priest’A lay leader in the Anglican Church of North America sexually abused a child. The victim’s family says the institution protected him.
  4. religion
    ‘New Moses’ Is the Latest Sign of the Christian Right’s Trump ConfusionConservative Christians used to treat Trump as an unwitting agent of God. Now they’re beginning to act like he’s a religious leader.
  5. early and often
    The Rise of Religious ‘Nones’ Won’t Save DemocratsWhile atheists and agnostics are a strong Democratic constituency, voters who believe “nothing in particular” tend to be politically disengaged.
  6. religion
    Badass Pope Briefly Endorses Giving People the FingerA weird Thursday-morning tweet from the pontiff.
  7. first person
    Why Is Iran’s Secular Shift So Hard to Believe?How two researchers got to the heart of a polling problem: the skewing effect of fear.
  8. christian nationalism
    Mixing Christianity With Nationalism Is a Recipe for FascismRon DeSantis is but the latest in a long series of leaders exploiting Jesus, the enemy of all nationalism.
  9. scientology
    How Scientology Exploits Foreign WorkersThe church has used an obscure visa to bring in thousands of laborers — and benefit from their toil.
  10. just asking questions
    White Christian Nationalism ‘Is a Fundamental Threat to Democracy’A conversation with Philip S. Gorski and Samuel L. Perry about their new book, The Flag and the Cross.
  11. religion
    Southern Baptists Hit by Bombshell Report on Sexual AbuseThe ever more conservative leadership of America’s largest Protestant denomination gets a wake-up call about its own sins.
  12. religious freedom
    The Supreme Court May Sanction Teacher-Led Prayer in Public SchoolThe justices seem poised to side with a coach who led students in prayer, dealing a serious blow to the First Amendment and religious minorities.
  13. lgbtq
    Refusal to Accept LGBTQ Equality Is Still Causing Divisions in ChurchesA planned split among Methodists is just the latest sign of left-right divisions between Protestants, especially over LGBTQ issues.
  14. religion
    Josh Duggar’s Shame and OursWhy did America fall in love with a family of extremists?
  15. covid diary
    An Atheist Reconsiders God in the PandemicI thought several hundred times this year, Maybe I should go to church.
  16. explainer
    Why Pope Francis Is Cracking Down on the Latin Mass and Angering TraditionalistsIn a break with his predecessor, Pope Francis is reimposing restrictions on the service used before the ’60s reforms — and risking a Catholic divide.
  17. politics
    The Political Implications of White Evangelical DeclineThe denomination’s ranks are slipping, with potential consequences for the GOP.
  18. religion
    White Evangelicals Now Outnumbered by Mainline Protestants in U.S.Conservative Evangelical triumphalism in religion, culture, and politics is no longer justified by the trends in American life.
  19. religion
    Catholic Bishops Move Toward Denying Biden CommunionConservative bishops are trying to be more Catholic than the pope on enforcing opposition to abortion. A big fight is brewing.
  20. religion
    How Critical Race Theory Overran the Southern Baptist ConventionThe country’s largest Protestant denomination has been split by disagreements over the right wing’s newest bogeyman.
  21. religion
    The Southern Baptist Church Is Going to Hell in a HandbasketAllegations of racism, sexual abuse, and idolatry toward Donald Trump are emanating from well-known figures in the largest Protestant denomination.
  22. religion
    Catholic Bishops Mull Communion Ban for Pro-Choice Politicians Like Joe BidenA formal ban is unlikely, but the conservative effort to nationalize decisions to deny communion on political grounds could have repercussions.
  23. politics
    Supreme Court Again Sides With Worshippers Over Public-Health OrdersThe Court’s conservative majority ruled that California’s pandemic restrictions on at-home gatherings could not apply to religious activity.
  24. religion
    What’s Worse Than Politics Without Religion? Politicized Religion.Displaced yearning for religious certainty is perilous, but sanctifying politics with religious certainty is terrifying.
  25. religion
    Americans Who Belong to a House of Worship Are Now a MinorityThe 21st century has seen a rapid decline in religious membership. But the country has been even more “churchless” in the not-so-distant past.
  26. capitol riot
    QAnon and the Bright Rise of BeliefJanuary 6 was a terrifying day in history, not least because it felt like witnessing the birth of a religion.
  27. that happened
    The Time Trump Got a Biblical Citation Very WrongWhen it comes to matters of faith, the Toddler President is at best a “baby Christian,” despite his avid Evangelical following.
  28. religion
    Why Being Catholic Isn’t Special in Politics AnymoreJoe Biden isn’t appealing to Catholic tradition in his bid to become the second Catholic president. But that’s the American way.
  29. gallery
    ‘Cared for, for Eternal Life’: Jewish Burial in the Age of COVID-19In a pandemic that impedes conventional bereavement, Chesed Shel Emes has upheld its mission to tend to any Jewish person in need of burial.
  30. education
    Unfriendly Divisions: Union-Busting and Quakerism Collide at Brooklyn FriendsA liberal Quaker school says that having a union violates its beliefs. That’s news to parents and teachers.
  31. george floyd
    The Black Christian Leaders Revolted by Trump’s Bible Stunt“I think it’s blasphemous.”
  32. religion
    The Allure and Danger of Anti-Modern ReligionIn a perilous time, it’s easy to underestimate American pluralism and long for old and dogmatic religious forms. That doesn’t mean we should.
  33. vision 2020
    Will Trump Allow the Coronavirus to Ravage Blue America?The urban–nonurban divide characterizes the coronavirus response and economic crises to a dangerous degree.
  34. religion
    Many Evangelicals Are Defying Social Distancing to Go to ChurchThere’s defiance in the air among some Evangelicals confronting efforts to regulate traditional services deemed a threat to public health.
  35. feature
    He’s Lost Seven Parishioners, and 20 Are SickIn his 40 years of preaching, the Reverend Johnnie Green has never felt this helpless.
  36. just asking questions
    Matthew Broderick’s Sister Recounts Near-Death Coronavirus ExperienceReverend Janet Broderick says her religious beliefs and training helped her get through the worst.
  37. coronavirus
    Florida Pastor Arrested for Defying Social Distancing OrdinanceRodney Howard-Browne once prayed over Donald Trump. Now he’s claiming a constitutional right to expose his flock to COVID-19.
  38. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus Is Testing Organized ReligionReligious believers often look to faith communities for safety in times of danger. But what if that poses public heath dangers, too?
  39. vision 2020
    Poll: Jewish Voters Are Indifferent to Jewish Presidential CandidatesAccording to a new survey, Sanders and Bloomberg are running fourth and fifth among Jewish Democratic voters.
  40. space
    What’s the Deal With the Space Force Bible?A “blessing” ceremony blurs the line separating church and state.
  41. vision 2020
    Is Buttigieg’s Presidential Bid Buoyed by Male Privilege?Klobuchar says Mayor Pete has only gotten this far because he’s a man. It’s probably more complicated than that.
  42. vision 2020
    Do 2020 Democrats Really Need a Little More God?The argument comes up in every presidential election, but more discussion of religion isn’t Democrats’ key to winning the heartland.
  43. religion
    Attorney General Barr Preaches a Secular Law-and-Order ChristianityThere’s quite a contrast between the self-righteousness of Barr at Notre Dame and Barack Obama’s injunction to humility there ten years ago.
  44. religion
    Christian Conservative Politics Are Driving Liberals Out of the PewsThe loud belief of militantly conservative Christians that being religious means being Republican may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  45. vision 2020
    Pete Buttigieg’s Faith-Based Balancing ActMayor Pete’s status as an observant millennial Christian in a party and a generation where religiosity is unusual is a problem and an opportunity.
  46. docuseries
    What The Family Reveals About White Evangelicals, Trump, and the ‘Wolf King’A conversation with director Jesse Moss and journalist Jeff Sharlet.
  47. explainer
    Is Donald Trump the Antichrist, the Beast, the Son of Perdition?There would be signs, okay?
  48. religion
    When Trump Talks About Jews, He’s Really Talking to Evangelical ChristiansTrump’s appeals to Jews are mostly dog whistles to his Evangelical base, which views Jews and Israel as central to the Second Coming.
  49. religion
    Do Conservative Evangelicals Like Trump Not Despite But for His Hatefulness?Some suggest they prefer Trump to one of their own as a leader, as they find his un-Christ-like qualities effective.
  50. books
    ‘I Don’t Really Believe In Bubbles:’ Lyz Lenz On Her Book, God LandIn her new book on religion in rural America, writer Lyz Lenz makes the case for nuance.
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