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Repeal And Delay

  1. GOP Health-Care Drive Ends Not With a Bang But a WhimperRepublicans couldn’t come up with a workable health-care plan, so they kept kicking the can down the road. The road finally ended in the Senate today.
  2. Senate Is Rejecting Two Years’ Worth of GOP Health-Care PolicyThe GOP-controlled Senate is rejecting its own rhetoric on health care.
  3. Senate GOP to Try Doomed Vote on ‘Straight Repeal’ of ObamacareNow that Trumpcare is all but dead, McConnell will give conservatives their “straight repeal” vote, and then move on to tax and budget legislation.
  4. The Return of the Repeal-and-Delay Strategy for Killing ObamacareRand Paul and Donald Trump helped kill the original strategy for repealing Obamacare and enacting a replacement later. Now they’re both reviving it.
  5. the national interest
    The Republicans Own Obamacare Now. How Many People Will They Let Suffer?The extent of the damage remains to be seen, but one way to calculate it, should the ACA be dismantled, will be in American lives lost.
  6. Some Interesting New Clues About What the GOP Is Thinking on Health CareThe party seems to be resisting some of the president-elect’s demands.
  7. Trump’s Latest Obamacare Remarks Contain Layers of MadnessIn some ways they make no sense. In the ways they make sense, they are deluded.
  8. Trump Supposedly Opposes the GOP’s Obamacare Repeal PlanAt least, that’s what Senator Rand Paul is claiming. What now?
  9. Republicans May Not Have the Senate Votes to Repeal ObamacareSix GOP senators have expressed varying degrees of opposition to the “repeal and delay” strategy. Will they support the first step in that direction?
  10. Repeal and Delay Is ForeverThere’s no transition to a new Republican health-care plan. The transition is the plan.
  11. The Latest ‘Repeal and Delay’ Idea for Obamacare: Grandfathering!With the proposed effective date for repealing Obamacare stretching ever farther into the future, a conservative wonk suggests leaving everyone alone.
  12. The Trump Medicaid Mystery Is a CliffhangerThe new administration and congressional Republicans face some thorny problems in repealing the Medicaid portion of the Affordable Care Act.