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Repeal And Replace

  1. politics
    Trump Is Trying to Reanimate Trumpcare Using Threats and RidiculeThe president finished out his terrible week by calling Republicans fools and quitters while threatening to spike congressional health coverage.
  2. GOP Health-Care Drive Ends Not With a Bang But a WhimperRepublicans couldn’t come up with a workable health-care plan, so they kept kicking the can down the road. The road finally ended in the Senate today.
  3. Senate Is Rejecting Two Years’ Worth of GOP Health-Care PolicyThe GOP-controlled Senate is rejecting its own rhetoric on health care.
  4. Republican Voters Have Lost Their Enthusiasm for Repealing ObamacareThe belief that the GOP Congress absolutely has to repeal Obamacare or face the wrath of angry base voters is an exaggeration at best.
  5. Chaffetz: GOP Bill Will Let Americans Choose Between Health Care and iPhonesOne GOP lawmaker boasts that health care will be affordable under the House’s new bill — so long as low-income people stop buying iPhones.
  6. Leaked House Obamacare Repeal Draft Shows Dangerous Work in ProgressA leaked document shows House Republicans mulling controversial ideas like ending Medicaid as we know it and a new tax on employer-provided insurance.
  7. Conservatives Revolt Against Keeping the Parts of Obamacare Americans LikeThe is GOP increasingly caught between “base” demands to destroy Obamacare and popular pressure to preserve key provisions.
  8. Trump Keeps Screwing Up Republican Plans to Repeal ObamacareFirst, he blew up the GOP’s repeal-and-delay strategy. Now, he’s talking like a liberal Democrat about out-of-pocket costs.
  9. health carnage
    Republican Health-Care Repeal Charade Will Please Only One in Four AmericansEveryone else doesn’t want to repeal it.