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Republican Establishment

  1. Trump Mulls Imposing Tariffs by Executive OrderThe president-elect is reportedly considering a 5 percent tariff on all foreign imports, much to the chagrin of GOP-aligned business interests.
  2. Republicans Lose Faith in Teleprompter Trump Donald Trump’s post-Orlando jeremiad against Muslim immigration proved the GOP nominee can cause just as many headaches when he’s “on message.”
  3. elephant walk
    Trump’s Bipartisan Impulse Terrifies GOP LeadersThe party’s ideal is someone who will sit back and sign whatever comes out of a Republican Congress. 
  4. roundup
    Rubio Wins Puerto Rico, But Does It Even Matter?At this point, Rubio’s continued presence in the race is tantamount to supporting Trump.
  5. politics
    Report: Mitt Romney to Endorse Marco RubioOr not, according to Rubio himself, and indeed he may be better off without Romney’s help at this point.
  6. early and often
    GOP Operative Plans ‘Guerilla Campaign’ to ‘Defeat and Destroy’ Donald TrumpThe plan is to not only ruin Trump, but also convince his supporters to abstain from voting altogether. 
  7. congress the new class
    The Man Who Now Runs the House Science Committee Does Not Believe in Global WarmingMeet Representative Ralph Hall, a Republican from Texas.
  8. whither gop?
    RNC Political Chair: I Quit, and We’re BrokeHeads up, Michael Steele.
  9. early and often
    What Happens If Sarah Palin Joe Miller Loses?The Republican “establishment” will relax that she won’t be able to call them “puppy-kicking” with impunity.