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  1. vision 2020
    What Happens If the President Is Incapacitated or Dies Before January?Trump’s COVID diagnosis raises questions about the 25th Amendment and line of succession. Rules for candidates are murky, but it’s too late to change.
  2. Michael Cohen Quits Post, Citing Family Separations at BorderTrump’s former lawyer said in letter of resignation that “children should never be used as bargaining chips.”
  3. Why the GOP’s Campaign Against ‘Lyin’ Comey’ Makes No SenseComey’s credibility doesn’t actually matter — Trump has already, personally confirmed the former FBI director’s most damning allegation.
  4. Steve Wynn, Casino Mogul and RNC Finance Chair, Accused of Sexual MisconductPresident Trump’s rival turned friend says, “The idea that I ever assaulted any woman is preposterous.”
  5. Are Both Sides in GOP Civil War Taking Aim at Roy Moore?The controversy over Roy Moore’s interest in minors had become a proxy war between GOP factions. Now maybe they will unite to dump the judge.
  6. russia probe
    Trump Using Campaign and RNC Funds to Cover Legal Fees in Russia ProbeMeanwhile, some non-billionaire White House staffers are struggling to pay their attorneys.
  7. It’s Too Early for Democrats to Freak Out Over FundraisingWhile the DNC is struggling to keep up with the RNC in fundraising, other sources of campaign financing are more balanced, and it’s very early yet.
  8. Russia’s Attempt to Hack the RNC Was Thwarted by a Spam FilterRepublicans didn’t even know about the attempt until the DNC hack was revealed.
  9. The RNC Has Spent $0 on TV Ads for TrumpIt spent millions for Mitt Romney. But the RNC says the change represents a shift in strategy that has nothing to do with Trump.
  10. What Would Happen If Trump Quit?In the unlikely scenario that the Republican nominee withdrew, the RNC could replace him — unless it happened too late.
  11. Just to Be Clear: The DNC and RNC Are Too Weak to ‘Rig’ AnythingThe myth of all-powerful “party Establishments” somehow lives on, despite abundant evidence they aren’t all that.
  12. Team Trump Assures the GOP Establishment That the Donald Is a Con Man“He’s been projecting an image,” Trump campaign strategist Paul Manafort told the RNC. “The image is going to change.”
  13. dubious claims
    The Republican National Committee Seems Pretty Sure That Racism Has EndedOthers are less certain.
  14. the war on christmas
    The Republicans Have Turned Against Christmas’Happy Holidays’? Bold move, RNC.
  15. whither gop?
    RNC Political Chair: I Quit, and We’re BrokeHeads up, Michael Steele.
  16. early and often
    Republicans Still Plotting to Oust Michael SteeleThe RNC chair is facing a shadow campaign engineered by Haley Barbour’s nephew.
  17. whither gop?
    Republican Staffer Dismissed for Role in RNC Club OutingAnd Michael Steele apparently missed out on the fun.
  18. whither gop?
    RNC Spent Nearly $2K on Topless L.A. Bondage BarIt sounded like a good idea at the time!