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Republican Primaries

  1. vision 2020
    Bill Weld and His One Delegate Fold Up the TentA Trump challenger that got some grave attention at the beginning of his campaign ended it with little notice.
  2. everything is fine
    At Least Roy Moore Won’t Be a U.S. SenatorThings aren’t all bad.
  3. vision 2020
    Joe Walsh Will Not Be the Next President of the United StatesThe onetime Republican congressman ended his attempt to challenge President Trump after predictably gaining little traction in Iowa.
  4. 2020 elections
    Mark Sanford Ends His Presidential Bid Less Than a Month After Starting ItThe GOP primary loses one of its long shots.
  5. Mitt Romney May Be Headed to the SenateThat’s bad news for Bannon.
  6. early and often
    Fox News Cancels Next Debate After Donald Trump Decides to Sit It OutSaid Trump: “How many times can the same people ask you the same question?”
  7. Early Voting Under Way in Post-N.H. StatesEarly voting is already under way in some of the upcoming primary states, so organization is at a premium.
  8. Rubio, Not Trump, Is Now the Defining Figure in the GOP RaceHe’s not the most bombastic candidate, but he’s the most talented.