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  1. what
    What the Hell Happened During This Terrifying Helicopter Rescue?A 74-year-old injured hiker was spun out of control.
  2. Fire on Greek Ferry Leaves at Least 10 Dead, Dozens Injured “It was like a scene from hell,” said one passenger.
  3. disasters
    Rescuers Working to Save People on Burning FerryThe boat is drifting off the coast of Albania.
  4. rescues
    Canarsie Fishermen Used Poles to Save Drowning ManResourceful.
  5. that’s weird
    NYU Student Wedged Between Two Buildings for Hours Before Rescue [Updated]But it’s still not clear how he got there.
  6. rescues
    Two People Had to Be Rescued From New York Waters YesterdayStranded jet skiers and a more bizarre incident.
  7. stand clear of the underground muck
    Rescued Subway Worker Sounds Pretty Good, Considering Hellish OrdealIt was scary and cold.
  8. stand clear of the underground muck
    FDNY Rescued Second Ave. Subway Worker Trapped Deep Underground [Updated]He’s up to his chest in “muck” after an accident.
  9. rescues
    Chinese Woman Saves Baby From Ten-Story FallShe “kicked off her heels” and saved the child’s life.
  10. rescues
    Missing Boy Scouts Found in Arkansas“Just was worrying about my parents, how are they going to freak out, are they going to freak out.”