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  1. coronavirus
    More Contagious Form of Coronavirus Quickly Becoming Dominant Strain, Study SaysThe mutation is an “urgent concern” with implications for the development of a vaccine, Los Alamos researchers write.
  2. technology
    New Study Indicates Silicon Valley’s Elite Are Not As Liberal As They ThinkA Stanford paper attempts to categorize and classify the politics of tech elites.
  3. Trump Wouldn’t Let His Campaign Research Any of the Skeletons in His ClosetYou’d think one of the most controversial and highly public figures in U.S. political history would have welcomed some intel on incoming fire. But no.
  4. frankenstorm
    New York Lost Some Very Valuable Mice to Sandy, But Not Its Favorite WalrusGenetically modified rodents died in a flood at NYU.
  5. booze
    Turns Out Drinking Even a Little Bit Can Maybe Give You CancerEven one pint of beer can raise your risk, says new research.
  6. tits on a stick
    Academics Back Up Debrahlee Lorenzana’s Claim That Her Cans Got Her CannedJustice for the woman who described herself as “Tits on a Stick.”