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  1. just asking questions
    This Is Nikki Haley’s Last Interview Before Her Resignation. Read It for Clues.Read it for clues.
  2. Hope Hicks Is Resigning From the White HouseThe job of White House communications director is a revolving door.
  3. very sad things
    South Korean Prime Minister Resigns Over Ferry Accident“I hope these deep-rooted evils get corrected this time.”
  4. resignations
    New Jersey Transit Chief Quits After Super Bowl Delays And problems during Hurricane Sandy.
  5. early and awkward
    ‘Cocaine Congressman’ Trey Radel to Resign [Update]He’ll announce his plans today.
  6. resignations
    Metro-North President Quits After Terrible YearA year worth quitting over.
  7. resignations
    Vatican Rushing to Pick a New Pope by Easter It’s a big day for them, after all.
  8. resignations
    More Top Brass Join the White House ExodusIncluding Energy Secretary Steven Chu.
  9. early and awkward
    Jesse Jackson Jr. Chose an Expensive Time to ResignFinding his replacement could cost as much as $5 million.
  10. resignations
    Representative Thaddeus McCotter Had a Really Bad MonthBad enough to resign over. 
  11. politics
    John Bryson Resigns As Commerce Secretary After Seizure-Induced Car CrashHe doesn’t want to be a “distraction.”
  12. ragers
    Official Who Planned $800,000 GSA Conference in Las Vegas Is OutNext career: Party planner, obviously.
  13. yahoooo!
    Yahoo CEO Out Over Trumped-Up RésuméClaimed fake computer science degree was “inadvertent error.”
  14. sex scandals
    N.J. Mayor Resigns Two Months After Male Prostitute Posted Underwear PicMedford mayor Chris Myers is blaming “work commitments.”
  15. Silvio Berlusconi Is No Longer the Prime Minister of ItalyMr. “Bunga Bunga” is officially out.
  16. loose lips
    P.J. Crowley Out After Bradley Manning RemarksCalled Manning’s handling “ridiculous and counter-productive and stupid on the part of the Department of Defense.”
  17. resignations
    Japan’s Prime Minister to ResignDecision comes after dip in approval ratings.
  18. the cuddle muddle
    State Police Chief Abruptly Resigns Amid Paterson ScandalSecond law-enforcement official to step down in past week.