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  1. Trump Has Turned Millions of Americans Into ActivistsA new poll finds that one in five Americans has attended at least one protest or demonstration since January 2016.
  2. The Resistance to ‘the Resistance,’ in Orange CountyFamously right-wing Orange County, California, is changing rapidly — but not so rapidly that its county government isn’t fighting back.
  3. Do We Need Assault Weapons to Kill ‘Tyrannical’ Cops and Soldiers?Let’s take a closer look at the sinister argument that we need a heavily armed population in case violent revolution becomes necessary.
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    Anti-Trump Twitter-Hero Louise Mensch Has #Resisted Her Way Into Legal ComplaintTime for some lame theories.
  5. This Poll Is the Best News Liberals Have Had in a Long TimeThe Women’s March is twice as popular as the tea party once was — and Democratic women are increasing their political engagement in large numbers.
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    New York, Darwin, and Cimex LectulariousWhy the summer of bedbugs is the new normal for New York City.