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  1. the social media wars
    Some Twitter Users Still Confused by the Whole Tweeting Thing36 percent of them don’t even use the platform.
  2. the internet
    Fired Social Media Editor Gets Another Social Media Editor FiredEx-Reuters employee Matthew Keys got one of his friends fired today.
  3. media
    Fired Reuters Social Media Editor Says He’s Being ThreatenedWith very Anonymous-like language.
  4. the internet
    Indictment Probably Wasn’t a Surprise for Reuters Social Media Editor The FBI searched his home in October.
  5. the internet
    Reuters Social Media Editor Charged With Aiding Anonymous Hack [Updated]Twitter machine Matthew Keys has gone silent.
  6. the vast left-wing conspiracy
    Jack Welch Departing As Reuters Op-Ed Columnist After Jobs Conspiracy TweetThe former CEO of GE and his wife will no longer have their biweekly pulpit.
  7. hackers
    Reuters Hacked, Phony Stories Posted on Syrian ConflictAn elaborate ploy to spread misinformation about the Free Syrian Army?
  8. ink-stained wretches
    Iran Suspends Reuters Reporters in Fallout Over Ninja Story“Female ninjas in Iran may have found the pen momentarily mightier than the sword.”
  9. iranian ninjas
    Iran’s Female Ninjas Are Suing Reuters Britain’s next big press scandal.
  10. ink-stained wretches
    Will Bloomberg or Reuters Buy the Financial Times Eventually? [Updated]Gossipers say yes.
  11. white men with money
    George Soros Holds No Grudge Against ReutersYesterday’s liberal villain is today’s featured columnist.
  12. media
    Reuters Is Still Stocking Up on WritersBethany McLean and Geraldine Fabrikant join the “Op-Ed” section.
  13. scary things
    Two More Reuters Journalists Missing in SyriaA correspondent has been detained and a photographer has disappeared.
  14. ink-stained wretches
    Thomson Reuters to Launch AP-Killing U.S. News ServiceA bold move.
  15. in other news
    Steve Rattner, Reuters, Politico Interested in Newsweek?Some potential buyers are showing interest in the struggling magazine.
  16. white men with money
    Reuters Editors Increasingly Testy Over Hedge-Fund Story QuestionsThey didn’t kill a story about Steve Cohen just because he asked, okay?
  17. puppies!!!!!!
    White House Dog Barney Copes, BitesWell, how would YOU deal with getting kicked out of your house?
  18. ink-stained wretches
    Reuters’ NYC Office Gets the White-Powder TreatmentReuters’ Times Square newsroom was evacuated today after an editor opened an envelope and a “puff of powder” came out.
  19. company town
    JPMorgan’s Up, GE’s Down, and Google’s Still Up in the AirPlus law, real estate, and media news in our daily roundup.
  20. it just happened
    Reuters: Bomb Scare Closes Times SquareOnly because it would be selfish not to share our brief moments of paranoia, we’ll point out that Reuters is reporting there’s currently a bomb scare in Times Square. A “suspicious item” — perhaps a red bag — was found, and the southwest part of the square, in front the Reuters HQ, is apparently closed. Interestingly, no other news org seems to be reporting this, which makes us doubt the significance of this bulletin a bit. But, hey, you know the mantra of post-9/11 news editing: We saw something, so we’re saying something. Update: Reuters is now reporting that the “suspicious item” was just “forgotten luggage.” So whoever left a red bag full of clothes on Seventh Avenue, please visit the lost and found at the Midtown South Precinct house. Part of NYC’s Times Square Shut Down in Bomb Scare [Reuters] NYC’s Times Square Reopens After Security Scare [Reuters]
  21. the morning line
    We’re All Going to Die, B-Movie Style • A man carrying a rare, lethal, and contagious form of tuberculosis was thrown into an “isolation unit” at Bellevue after jetting to Paris, Prague, and Montreal despite a CDC order not to travel. [NYDN] • Rudy Giuliani celebrated his 63rd birthday the way presidential candidates do — with a bunch of fund-raisers (in Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn but, oddly, not Manhattan). September 11 victims’ families jeered him at two of the events. [NYP] • After Reuters fetched $17 billion, rumors swirl that Mayor Mike may be putting Bloomberg LP on the block. Of course, that would fit well with the presidential- ambitions theory. A tiny side note: Fox News confuses “eponymous” with “euphonious.” [Fox News] • We’re familiar with the outrage that Martha Stewart’s attempt to trademark “Katonah” caused in the eponymous (watch and learn, Fox News) village, but what about the people the village is named for, Native Americans? Surprise: They’re pissed off, too. [NYT] • And, forget that Park Slope brownstone — what you should have invested in ten years ago was a taxi medallion. The price of the thing tripled in the last six years, hitting $600,000 and likely heading for the $1 million mark. [Metro NY]
  22. company town
    Anyone Else Want to Acquire a Media Property?MEDIA • Thomson agreed to buy Reuters for $17 billion, creating the largest financial-news service and the first major rival to Bloomberg LP. [Reuters via CNNMoney] • Murdoch offered the Bancrofts a seat on the News Corp. board and asked to meet with the family personally. After an internal conference call, the Bancrofts seem unmoved. [NYT] • Ron Burkle bought the Primedia Enthusiast unit for $1.2 billion and now owns 70 titles like Dressage Today and Popular Hot Rodding. [NYP]