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  1. national security
    The War on Terror Is InescapableIt produced Trump and remains a threat to American democracy, a new book argues.
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    Google Home Max Review: A Big, Booming Smart SpeakerThe best-sounding smart speaker on the market is here.
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    OnePlus 5T Review: A Premium Phone for a Non-Premium PriceOne of the year’s best-performing phones can be yours for $500.
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    Sonos One Review: A Smart Speaker That Actually Sounds GreatIt can be done!
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    Harman Kardon Invoke Review: Cortana Gets a Smart SpeakerMicrosoft’s voice assistant can now sit on your kitchen counter.
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    Pixel 2 Review: The Best Smartphone Camera Got Even BetterIf you really care about getting great photos with your phone, the Pixel 2’s camera deserves a spot in your pocket.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: The Best Phone Around — for NowSamsung made a really, really nice phone. And it doesn’t blow up!
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    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Shouldn’t Work, But It DoesTurns out, giving Mario a gun is a lot of fun.
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    The Nintendo Switch: Bold, Brilliant, But You Should Wait to BuyThe new Nintendo Switch system is good right now. It’ll be even better if you give it another six months.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn: The Beautiful Dead End of Open-World GamesHunting down mechanical dinosaurs with a bow and arrow looks and feels great. So why is it such a chore to finish?
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    The Samsung Chromebook Plus: A Good Laptop and a Killer TabletThe Samsung Chromebook Plus is on the forefront of changing Chromebooks from great values into plain great computers.
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    iOS Rating-System Update Lets Developers Fight With Users in the CommentsYou’ll no longer be constantly asked to leave a review.
  13. judgments
    Ed Koch Loves Cher, Doesn’t Think Christina Aguliera Is That HotThe former mayor of New York shares his thoughts on ‘Burlesque.’