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Revolutionary Tsunami

  1. revolt like an egyptian
    Al Jazeera’s Handy Twitter Dashboard to Keep Track of the RevolutionsMaybe you hadn’t heard, but there are a lot of them.
  2. economic indicators
    What You Need to Know About Food Prices Before They Cause Another MeltdownA cheat sheet.
  3. revolt like an egyptian
    People Still Don’t Know Whether the Rumors Are True and Mubarak Has Slipped Quietly Into a ComaIt’s also unclear whether “a coma” is a euphemism for “Saudi Arabia.”
  4. revolt like an egyptian
    Mubarak’s New Cabinet Fails to Appease As Fears of a ‘Revolutionary Tsunami’ SpreadEgypt preps for a “march of millions” Tuesday.
  5. sudan
    Oil-Rich South Sudan Votes to SecedeBy 99.57 percent!