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  1. the post-racial world
    Richard Cohen Sets High Bar for RacismGagging at the De Blasio family?
  2. the national interest
    Nonexistent Clinton Campaign Lacks Message, Columnist LamentsWhat is she waiting for?
  3. ink-stained wretches
    Richard Cohen Blames Trayvon Martin Hoodie, RaceThe Washington ‘Post’ columnist calls it “a uniform we all recognize.”
  4. post-modern love
    Richard Cohen Likes Meeting Ladies on the WebPaula Zahn’s ex is supposedly “addicted” to Match. com.
  5. the gays
    Link Between American Evangelicals and Ugandan Gay-Execution Movement Scrutinized“When you speak about a certain group trying to destroy their children and their families … Africans will fight to the death.”
  6. the gays
    Rachel Maddow Shuts Down Gay-Cure AdvocateIn an extended segment last night, the lesbian MSNBC host stomped on Richard Cohen, an unlicensed psychotherapist.
  7. in other news
    Paula Zahn Has a Lot of Outfits to Not Wear on TVPaula Zahn and her estranged husband Richard Cohen continue to air their dirty laundry in the press — and this time, it’s expensive. In response to Zahn’s accusations that Cohen mishandled her money while they were married, the real-estate mogul claims that Zahn usually spent more than her annual income on luxuries like clothes and a $20 million Connecticut mansion. One of Cohen’s ubiquitous “friends” told the Daily News that the former CNN anchor spent nearly $2 million on clothes. That’s a thousand $2,000 dresses a year! It seems a little outrageous, even for someone as famous and important as a cable-news personality. Unless, of course, she’s buying outfits for her own dozens and dozens of “friends” who spend all their time talking to the tabloids. Paula Zahn blew her fortune, sez hubby Richard Cohen [NYDN]
  8. gossipmonger
    Divorces, Horses, and So OnPaula Zahn’s friends say she wanted to stay in the Fifth Avenue apartment she shares with soon-to-be ex-husband Richard Cohen for the sake of their kids, but he made it too difficult. Lou Dobbs’s daughter Hillary won the Open Jumper Class (and $7,500) at the Hampton Classic Horse Show. (Soon-to-be-mom Kelly Klein also rode there.) Heather Mills has racked up a number of parking tickets in her Bentley convertible in East Hampton. NYU’s school newspaper went out of its way to point out that people use the campus library to commit suicide and hook up on Craigslist. Larry David doesn’t like fund-raisers on yachts in Martha’s Vineyard. Courtney Love is blaming ex-boyfriend Steve Coogan for Owen Wilson’s attempted suicide, and now Coogan is worried about his career prospects. The New York Times has a clear anti-Yankees bias, “Page Six” says.
  9. in other news
    Paula Zahn and Richard Cohen Argue About When Sex Stopped, StartedPaula Zahn and her husband, Richard Cohen, are duking it out in the tabloids again, and this time, at least, they’re keeping their kids out of it. Team Paula tells the Daily News that “she and Richard weren’t having sex for some time,” maybe even a year. But Team Richard hits back in the Post, alleging that the former CNN anchor was having her affair with Contigroup CEO Paul Fribourg for at least a year before the shtupping stopped. Fribourg and Cohen were friends and would frequently golf together or share family outings, say both papers, even after the trysts began. Though Fribourg has started proceedings for a (reportedly amicable) split from his wife, no divorce papers have been filed between Zahn and Cohen themselves. And they’ve been publicly sparring since April! They’re probably just psyched to be in the papers for something other than that godforsaken Pale Male debacle. Zahn Pal: She Left for Sex [NYDN] Paula’s Affair Shock [NYP] Earlier: Paula Zahn and Richard Cohen Start Fighting Dirty
  10. in other news
    Paula Zahn and Richard Cohen Start Fighting Dirty Ex-CNN anchor Paula Zahn kept a “quite lurid” diary that outlined her secret extra-marital affair with CitiGroup CEO Paul Fribourg, reports “Rush & Molloy.” You remember diaries? The things people used before there were blogs? Well, turns out her husband, Richard Cohen, found the book, which is bad, and then read it to at least one of their kids, which is, you know, worse. This comes on the heels of a lawsuit Zahn filed against Cohen demanding a close examination of the way he invested her money during their marriage. “Friends” of both are blabbing all the tawdry details to the gossip column, trying to make each side look victimized — and boy are these “friends” experts! The pals know what the diary says, what each side is planning in the divorce, how Cohen managed Zahn’s money, and exactly what the anchor was worth when they originally got hitched. Hey … wait a minute. If we didn’t know better, we’d say that Zahn and Cohen both had a hand in this item! But that’s crazy talk — they’d never put their children through anything so embarrassing. Zahn Spells Out Her Tryst? [NYDN]