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Richard Dawkins

  1. interesting times
    A Week of ReckoningConsider the violence the president has done to the structures of American democracy in just the past seven days.
  2. Richard Dawkins Is Really Committed to Calling Muslim Clock-Making Kid a LiarBecause Dawkins has access to Twitter, but does not have access to even a single modicum of chill, this semantic quibble has turned into something of a personal crusade.
  3. Dawkins on His Memoir, Pedophilia, and TwitterThe world’s most prominent atheist says he can be as emotional as anyone.
  4. Well-Known Atheist Sees Slavery Story As AttackPossible the reporter had an agenda.
  5. intel
    By Dogsled or HMS Beagle, Celebs Prepare for ‘Time’ 100The Time 100 dinner, to be held tomorrow night at Jazz at Lincoln Center in celebration of the magazine’s annual “Most Influential People in the World” issue, is a hot ticket, an exclusive and glittering black-tie affair. And it seems the influential people will go to great lengths not to miss it. Virgin mogul Richard Branson, on the list this year, is currently on a 325-mile dogsled journey across Canada’s Arctic province of Nunavut to see the effects of global warming. He’s rushing to reach his endpoint — the delightfully named Igloolik — by Tuesday morning so he can be whisked to New York to make the dinner that night. “Will get the husky dogs to work a little bit harder!” he e-mailed.