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  1. russia
    National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien Denies Russia Is Meddling to Aid TrumpThe national security adviser said there is no intel stating that Russia is aiming to benefit Trump — but did not extend that analysis to Sanders.
  2. interesting times
    Trump’s Presidency Isn’t a Dark Comedy — It’s an Absurd TragedyThere’s a tendency among many to see Trump primarily as a bumbling and ineffectual clown. The reality is far more nightmarish.
  3. politics
    Trump Mad Russia’s Plans to Help Him in 2020 Were Revealed to Lawmakers: ReportFearing that Democrats would “weaponize” the information, Trump berated the intel head responsible for informing lawmakers of the interference.
  4. politics
    The Scariest Part of Richard Grenell’s AppointmentAmerica’s new acting director of National Intelligence will serve the president, not the country.
  5. trump administration
    Trump Names Loyalist With No Intelligence Record As Acting Intelligence HeadRichard Grenell will become the next acting director of national intelligence, as Trump surrounds himself with loyalists after impeachment.
  6. the war on women
    New Romney Spokesman Spent the Weekend Scrubbing His Twitter Richard Grenell seems to have decided Rachel Maddow looks just fine without a necklace. 
  7. the war on women
    New Romney Spokesman Told Rachel Maddow to Put on a Necklace Is this what we’ll be talking about all of next week?