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Richard Phillips

  1. gossipmonger
    Brad and Angelina to Become Even More SmugThey’re getting MARRIED. Ugh. That and more gossip in our daily roundup.
  2. party lines
    Cruise, Demi, and Portman at the WHCA DinnerVal Kilmer’s not really running for governor of New Mexico, Christopher Hitches said a kind of iffy thing about Wanda Sykes, and Elizabeth Banks is allergic to French pollen. And more dish from Washington’s prom on Saturday night.
  3. drama on the high seas
    Somewhat Interesting Pirate-Attack Video Released“They hit my room, man, blew up my bed!”
  4. drama on the high seas
    The Crew of the Maersk Alabama Got Laid Last NightThe American ship crew that famously survived a pirate attack finally made it home last night, and they made no secret about what they were up to.
  5. drama on the high seas
    Everything You Need to Know About What Went Down With the Pirates YesterdayAnd there’s a lot to know.
  6. drama on the high seas
    Maersk Captain Freed, Three Somali Pirates KilledRichard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama is now back to safety.
  7. drama on the high seas
    Pirates Playing Ever More Dangerous GameAnd yet, it is getting less and less fun.