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Richard Ravitch

  1. gossipmonger
    Jake Pavelka Admits He Wants to Be an ActorWe watched ‘The Bachelor.’ He is not good at this.
  2. Ravitch to Share Broad Financial-Rescue Plan for StateProposal includes borrowing billions and the creation of a financial-review board.
  3. oh albany!
    What Does Paterson Staying in Office Mean for the State, and for Andrew Cuomo?The latter, after all, has a hand in deciding how long Paterson stays there.
  4. oh albany!
    David Paterson Can Appoint a Lieutenant Governor After All!Something good finally happened to Governor Paterson! It probably won’t change much, though.
  5. oh albany!
    Court Rules Governor Paterson Can’t Appoint a Lieutenant GovernorA loose end of the Albany stalemate is finally tied up.
  6. the donald
    Donald Trump Holds GrudgesApparently pseudo-lieutenant-governor Richard Ravitch did something to upset his dad 40 years ago.
  7. what other people think
    New York Cautiously Hoists Paterson on Its ShouldersToday’s papers don’t know if yesterday’s appointment was legal, but they don’t really care.