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  1. trump pardons
    Everyone Trump Might Pardon Before He Leaves OfficeFrom his three eldest children to Tiger King’s Joe Exotic, there are a number of people the president may try to pardon — including himself.
  2. politics
    Trump Campaign Crooks: Where Are They Now?Checking in with Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, and Roger Stone on the day of Michael Cohen’s release to home confinement.
  3. politics
    Manafort Partner Rick Gates Gets Off EasyGates was sentenced to 45 days of jail and a $20,000 fine after serving as an “extraordinary” cooperating witness.
  4. mueller time
    Everything We’ve Learned From Robert Mueller’s Investigation (So Far)Even without seeing the full report, we know plenty about wrongdoing by Trump associates and Russia’s 2016 election meddling.
  5. the national interest
    No Collusion? Paul Manafort’s Partner Rick Gates Is Still Helping Robert MuellerRick Gates continues to rat out his old friends, so Manafort and the Trump campaign aren’t in the clear.
  6. russia investigation
    Rick Gates Solicited Proposal for Online Disinformation Campaign to Help TrumpHe wanted to use fake social media personas to sway voters, among other things.
  7. Manafort’s Lawyers Get Personal As Rick Gates’s Testimony Wraps UpProsecutors expect to rest their case against Paul Manafort on Friday.
  8. the national interest
    The Whole Republican Party Seems to Be Going to Jail NowIt’s been the most corrupt 24 hours of Trump’s administration yet.
  9. Rick Gates Says on the Stand That He Committed Crimes With Paul ManafortWell, when you put it like that …
  10. Paul Manafort’s Trial: Everything We Learned on Day OneThe choice for jurors: Is Manafort a lavish spender who lied to avoid paying taxes, or a gifted political strategist duped by his devious deputy?
  11. Wealthy Trump Pals Paid Rick Gates for Access to His AdministrationElliott Broidy and Tom Barrack paid Gates, Paul Manafort’s number two, nearly $300,000 in 2017.
  12. Manafort’s Trial Delayed to July 31 So His Lawyers Can Better PrepareA federal judge will give Paul Manafort’s lawyers a six-day extension so they can review around 120,000 pages of documents ahead of his trial.
  13. mueller investigation
    Mueller Team Has Interviewed Tom Barrack, a Close Friend of TrumpBarrack was a top fundraiser for Trump’s presidential campaign and chaired his inaugural committee.
  14. Judge Hands Down First Sentence in Mueller’s Russia InvestigationA Dutch lawyer is going to prison, but not for very long.
  15. Former Trump Aide Rick Gates Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy, Lying to the FBIPaul Manafort’s longtime ally has promised to cooperate with Robert Mueller’s investigation.
  16. russia probe
    Robert Mueller Puts the Squeeze on Paul Manafort and Rick Gates Yet AgainA new indictment accuses them of carrying out an elaborate scheme to defraud both private financial institutions and the United States.
  17. Report: Manafort Investigated for Promising WH Job in Exchange for Personal LoanRobert Mueller is looking into yet another aspect of Paul Manafort’s shady past.
  18. russia investigation
    Report: Former Trump Aide Rick Gates Will Plead Guilty, Testify Against ManafortThings aren’t looking good for Trump’s former campaign chairman.
  19. the national interest
    Rick Gates, Former Manafort Partner, Makes Deal With MuellerThat’s three friendly witnesses for an investigation that is not looking friendly for Trump.
  20. Manafort Offers Trump Tower Condo As CollateralHis lawyer says Manafort is too cash poor to afford bail.
  21. Manafort and Gates Trial Could Begin in MayMark your calendars, tentatively.
  22. Manafort’s 3 U.S. Passports and Travel Alias Make Him a ‘Serious’ Flight RiskProsecutors want “substantial” bail conditions to prevent Trump’s former campaign manager from skipping town.
  23. the law
    Mueller Quietly Dropped a Bombshell on Monday — and It Wasn’t About ManafortThe special counsel’s charging of a very minor player reveals a lot about the big picture.
  24. Who Is Rick Gates, the Other Person Indicted on Monday?The political survivor with close ties to Paul Manafort.
  25. Trump Transition Team Told to Hold On to Any Russia-Related StuffBecause investigators are probably going to want to see it.