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  1. rick rolling
    Was Rick Perry’s Incoherence Caused by Sleepiness? One reporter says yes (at least sometimes.) 
  2. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Endorses Mitt RomneyRepublicans are circling the wagons.
  3. rick rolling
    How’d That Presidential Run Work Out for Rick Perry?Not so well.
  4. gone too soon
    In Memoriam: Rick Perry’s Presidential CampaignAugust 13, 2011–January 19, 2012.
  5. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Not Ruling Out 2016 Run for PresidentApparently the total rejection of Perry by Republicans in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina was too subtle. 
  6. rick rolling
    Sad Twitter Reactions to Rick Perry’s WithdrawalThey expressed their sadness and anger on Twitter. 
  7. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Knows the Difference Between a Human and a Mannequin [Updated]A report about him trying to take a question from a mannequin left out one important detail.
  8. rick rolling
    Heilemann on NOW With Alex Wagner: Rick PerryMaybe because it’s good for Mitt Romney, Heilemann says.
  9. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Is Not Done Embarrassing Himself YetThat reassessment took a surprising twist. 
  10. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Says President Obama Is Nazi Germany and King George III, CombinedDon’t forget Hideki Tojo and Santa Anna!
  11. rick rolling
    John Heilemann on NOW With Alex Wagner: Rick Perry Is Gaining SteamThe race for third place is getting hot!
  12. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Changes Stance on Abortion … AgainThis time he means it.
  13. rick rolling
    Perry Now Opposes Abortion in All Circumstances“You’re seeing a transformation,” Perry said.
  14. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Makes Brief Cameo in Rick Perry AdBrief, and somewhat startling.
  15. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Has Retired ‘Retired’Basically, it just means he’s getting paid more.
  16. impolitic
    Rick Perry’s Iowa Hail Mary Fails to ImpressTime to head back to Texas to take long jogs and shoot coyotes.
  17. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Has a Favorite PhraseIt’s very suggestive.
  18. rick rolling
    Rick Perry’s Sausage Fixation: The Early YearsChronically oblivious to gay imagery.
  19. rick rolling
    Rick Perry’s Subtle New Ad Accuses Barack Obama of Waging a War on ‘Religion’He just means Christianity, though.
  20. Perry Piles on Another Oops, Says New Hampshire Has CaucusesPerry said he’s getting ready for those “New Hampshire caucuses.”
  21. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Says Two Dumb Things in One Dumb SentenceHe doesn’t know the voting age, and he doesn’t know when the election is.
  22. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Says President Obama Grew Up ‘Privileged’And that’s why he looks down on everyone else.
  23. rick rolling
    Perry Challenges Pelosi to DebateIt would make for good theater.
  24. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Can’t Even Speak English in His Own Campaign AdThis is sad.
  25. rick rolling
    Perry Plans to Uproot All Three Branches of GovernmentAll three.
  26. rick rolling
    Yelp Mocks Rick PerryPoor bastard.
  27. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Unveils Letterman Top Ten ListGaffe-prone governor gives Letterman his ten best excuses.
  28. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Refuses to Slink Away in ShameHe’s laughing off his horrible debate gaffe, and soldiering on.
  29. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Continues to Insist That He Was Not Drunk or on Drugs During SpeechSo … that’s just what Perry is like normally?
  30. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Says He ‘Felt Great’ During His Giddy New Hampshire SpeechYeah, that was never in doubt.
  31. video
    John Heilemann on Hardball: Rick Perry’s ‘Goofy’ PerformanceMaybe it was intentional?
  32. rick rolling
    Some People Might Say Rick Perry Was Drunk When He Gave This SpeechOthers might say he was totally wasted.
  33. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Is Against Confederate Flag License PlatesThat’s nice.
  34. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Was Totally Kidding About Being a Birther!His furious backpedaling is now complete.
  35. rick rolling
    ‘Rick Perry. Liberty. Rick Perry. Freedom.’This is his campaign “yell.”
  36. rick rolling
    Anita Perry Knows That Real Men Admit Their MistakesAlso, they consent to being called “Ricky.”
  37. the n-word
    Rick Perry’s N-WordheadGate Reminded Everyone About Racism in TexasBut the presidential candidate has a black friend.
  38. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Knows the Way to Matt Drudge’s HeartLeaks!
  39. rick rolling
    Meet the Next Rick Perry Controversy: Subprime Lending in TexasThey’re coming awfully fast and furious these days.
  40. rick rolling
    Did Anita Perry Influence Rick Perry’s Decision to Make the HPV Vaccine Mandatory?Maybe.
  41. rick rolling
    Video: Rick Perry Gets the Letterman Top Ten TreatmentSigns “the rising star might be sinking.”
  42. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Might Be Able to Appeal to Democratic Voters After AllIs his hair big enough to win over swing voters? Too big?
  43. rick rolling
    The Most Jewish Minute of Rick Perry’s LifeWhen he danced with rabbis singing Hanukkah songs.
  44. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Schmoozes Jewish Leaders in New YorkHe promises to do something neither Bill Clinton nor George W. Bush were willing to do: Move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
  45. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Had Dinner With Rupert MurdochThe Texas governor is having quite the NYC trip.
  46. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Cites Mainstream American Music to Make Point About Pushing Back Against the American MainstreamHe really likes Dave Matthews Band, bro.
  47. rick rolling
    Charlie Rangel Crashed Rick Perry’s Lunch Party“I wanted to make him feel comfortable.”
  48. rick rolling
    Rick Perry’s Sparkling Jobs Record Took a Hit in the Month of AugustUnemployment was up in the month of August.
  49. rickrolling
    Surely Rick Perry’s Job Has Nothing to Do With Increased Donations to the Nonprofit His Wife Works ForSurely.
  50. rick rolling
    Is Rick Perry Suffering From Back Pain?One renowned Perry-watcher thinks he might be.
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