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Rick Rolling

  1. early and awkward
    GOP Debate: It’s the Perry-Romney ShowEight politicians onstage. Two really mattered.
  2. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Is a JuggernautHe’s leading Romney by nearly twenty points in a new poll.
  3. 2012
    Romney Waiting for a Perry Punch Before He Really Starts TryingThe former front-runner isn’t panicking, for now.
  4. rick rolling
    Politico: ‘Perry Panic’ Is Spreading“We better load up, because he is bringing it.”
  5. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Said Something Nice to Hillary Clinton Eighteen Years AgoBombshell.
  6. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Is Reading a Book About Converting Jews, MuslimsAnd it gets more extreme from there.
  7. rick rolling
    Politico Asks an Impolite Question About Rick Perry“Is Rick Perry dumb?”
  8. rick rolling
    Rick Perry and Glenn Beck Have Similar Taste in BooksFiction, even.
  9. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Raised Taxes Last MonthGovernor of Texas? More like the governor of TAXES.
  10. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Now Dominating GOP RaceHe’s up by double digits over Mitt Romney in three national polls.
  11. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Doesn’t Get Why Gay People Have to Have Gay Sex All the TimeIs it because people enjoy having sex?
  12. a tale of two texans
    So How Similar Are Rick Perry and George W. Bush, Anyway?Spoiler: Only one of these Texas governors enjoys golfing.
  13. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Quickly Becoming the GOP Race’s Clear Front-RunnerHe’s beating Romney in two more polls.
  14. rick rolling
    Trial Lawyers Hate Rick PerryHis history of tort reform could drive money to Obama.
  15. rick rolling
    Was a Shady-Seeming Interaction Between a Bank Executive and Rick Perry Actually Shady?A man very slyly says to Perry, “Bank of America, we will help you out.”
  16. rick rolling
    Rick Perry’s Cowboy Rhetoric: Asset or Liability?“Treat him pretty ugly” is, in fact, the way we talk down here.
  17. rick rolling
    Evolution Is Just a ‘Theory That’s Out There,’ According to Rick PerryPerry is making Romney look saner by the day.
  18. gop hair
    Ever Wondered How Rick Perry Gets That Hairdo?We sure have. Now, documentary evidence!
  19. rick rolling
    Meet the New Republican Front-runnerMitt just got cowboy-booted out of the top spot.
  20. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Calls Ben Bernanke ‘Almost Treasonous,’ Not Sure About President Obama’s Patriotism [Updated]The Federal Reserve chairman might want to stay out of Texas for a while.
  21. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Assures Crowd That His Wife Can Iron a ShirtPhew.
  22. rick rolling
    Five Things You Might Not Know About Rick PerryAt least four of them are true.
  23. bons mots
    Bill Clinton Has a Bit of a Crush on Rick Perry“He’s a good looking rascal.”
  24. rick rolling
    All of a Sudden, Rick Perry More Critical of His Controversial HPV InitiativeWe wonder what changed …
  25. rick rolling
    Check Out Rick Perry’s New Campaign BusNow we’re Rick Rollin’.
  26. rick rolling
    It’s Official: Rick Perry Is Part of the 2012 Race [Update]The Texan steals thunder from the Ames Straw Poll.
  27. rick rolling
    Does Rick Perry Think Medicare and Social Security Are Unconstitutional?His comments on Medicare and Social Security could come back to haunt him.
  28. rick rolling
    John Heilemann on Hardball: Is It Perry vs. Romney Already?“Perry gives one hell of a stump speech.”
  29. rick rolling
    It’s Official, Almost: Rick Perry Is RunningHe’ll announce Saturday.
  30. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Thinks He Can Turn California Into a Red StateHmmm.
  31. rick rolling
    Rick Perry to Make His Intentions Abundantly Clear This WeekendHe’s running.
  32. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Got a C in GymIn fact, he got bad grades in many of his college courses.
  33. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Is on the Cutting Edge of Medical TechnologyHe’s using his own stem cells to heal his back.
  34. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Now Disavowing States’ Rights Positions at a Rapid ClipFirst, gay marriage. Now, abortion.
  35. the sports section
    The Mets Get Rickrolled?Will the Mets play Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” all year long? One can only hope.