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Rick Santelli

  1. hellivision
    ‘Do Not Open Your Mouth and Say Dumb Things’Wise words from CNBC’s Rick Santelli.
  2. freedooooommmm!
    Santelli Skipped Tea Bagging So He Could Work to Earn Money to Pay TaxesWait. This whole protest is filled with mixed messages.
  3. scenes from a meltdown
    The Howard Beale GenerationOur new era of righteous indignation.
  4. this is just ridiculous
    CNBC: Jon Stewart ‘Obsessed’ With Rick SantelliIt’s almost like he’s in love with him but doesn’t want to admit it, a source at the network claims.
  5. fusterclucks
    Rick Santelli Wants to Set the Record StraightHis rant wasn’t scripted by the far right, the reporter says. Furthermore, he’s always been insane, and he loves Obama, okay? LOVES. HIM.
  6. early and often
    Is Rick Santelli Part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy? CNBC RespondsNo and yes.
  7. the greatest depression
    Top Freak-outs of the Financial Crisis (So Far)It’s not just the economy that’s been melting down. It’s pundits and politicians, too.
  8. talking heads
    The White House Would Be Happy to Tutor Rick Santelli If He Needs ItWhite House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs batted off the CNBC reporter’s attack with the aplomb of Regina George.
  9. the greatest depression
    Rick Santelli Calls for Revolution“All you capitalists that want to come up to Chicago, I’m gonna start organizing.”