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  1. politics
    Senate Lawmakers Address The Media After Their Weekly Policy Luncheons
    Who Will Replace Mitch McConnell As GOP Senate Leader?John Cornyn and John Thune are the favorites, but they’re not the only candidates.
  2. early and often
    Haley’s Plan to Gut the Government Is Even Worse Than Trump’sHer five-year “term limit” proposal for federal employees shows she’s no moderate.
  3. sports
    Rick Scott Is Unfortunately Right About Novak DjokovicThe Biden administration’s policy of blocking unvaccinated people from the country continues to make little sense.
  4. early and often
    Rick Scott’s Revised ‘Rescue Plan’ Is Still Stuck on StupidAfter damaging his party and delighting Democrats, Scott finally relented on sunsetting Social Security and Medicare — but not the other madness.
  5. early and often
    Is Rick Scott Looking to Sunset His Senate Seat?The Floridian’s threat to Social Security and Medicare has damaged Republicans so badly that even Mitch McConnell seems ready to give up on his seat.
  6. early and often
    Mitch McConnell Can’t Stop Rick Scott’s Self-destructive SpreeBiden’s mockery and McConnell’s scorn could not keep Rick Scott from defending his attack on Social Security and Medicare in a disastrous interview.
  7. the national interest
    Republican Senator on Trump’s Racist Rant: ‘I Hope No One Is Racist’Unfortunately, Donald Trump is extremely racist.
  8. early and often
    Rick Scott Wants Mitch McConnell to Be ‘Cheerleader’ for Bad CandidatesScott, the Republican Senatorial Committee chairman, is upset at McConnell for merely hinting that weak MAGA candidates are a problem for the party.
  9. early and often
    Rick Scott Backtracks, But His Plan Is Still Ultra-MAGA MadnessEven with revisions, Rick Scott’s efforts to define a post-midterm agenda for his party is a gift to Democrats.
  10. 2022 midterms
    Rick Scott’s Ultra-MAGA Agenda Gives Democrats a Midterm LifelineDemocrats are eager to campaign against a party that, according to Scott, wants to raise taxes and sunset Medicare and Social Security.
  11. politics
    Pence Unveils Less Unhinged, Equally Dangerous GOP AgendaRick Scott’s agenda for Republicans is Maximum MAGA, while Mike Pence’s is MAGA Lite. But both contain the same ideological core.
  12. politics
    Rick Scott Doubles Down on His Bonkers Agenda for the GOPMitch McConnell publicly rejected Scott’s disastrous plan, so now the Florida senator has written an op-ed to whine about his persecution.
  13. rick scott
    Rick Scott’s Bonkers GOP Agenda Shows Why McConnell Doesn’t Want OneIf you think Donald Trump is too moderate, the Florida senator has got an 11-point plan just for you.
  14. coronavirus
    The Longest Day: Senate Unanimously Passes $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus BillAfter a failed Republican effort to cut unemployment benefits, the largest emergency aid package in U.S. history passed unanimously.
  15. vision 2020
    Trump Relies on Maduro-Bashing to Win Florida Next YearTrump’s attacks on Maduro are key to winning Florida’s Latino immigrants and boosting his advantage among Cuban-Americans despite his other policies.
  16. vision 2020
    Trump May Freak Out Florida With Green Light for Offshore DrillingFlorida Republican elected officials fear Trump’s relationship with fossil-fuel industries could lead him to a politically disastrous decision.
  17. health care
    Senator Whose Company Defrauded Medicare to Lead GOP’s Health-Care PushTrump’s slapdash effort to own health care reform will be led by Rick Scott, the ex-CEO of a company once fined $1.7 billion for defrauding Medicare.
  18. 2018 midterms
    Democratic Weakness Among Florida Latinos in 2018 a WarningA poor performance among Latinos cost Democrats the governorship and a Senate seat in this key battleground state. They’d better focus on it soon.
  19. 2018 midterms
    One Florida Recount Ends, and the Last One BeginsIt appears the machine recount of the Florida midterms is complete, with a hand recount of the Senate — but not the gubernatorial — race up next.
  20. 2018 midterms
    Overheated Machines, Deadlines, and Other News From the Latest Florida RecountA statewide machine recount is supposed to end on Thursday, followed by a hand recount that could upset apparent Republican victories.
  21. 2018 midterms
    Florida Recounts Proceed Amid Wild GOP Claims of Election StealingFrom Florida to Washington, Republicans are making some pretty lurid accusations about recounts they were probably going to win anyway.
  22. 2018 midterms
    All the Midterm Races That Remain UnresolvedThere are ten House races, two Senate races, and two gubernatorial races where there’s still doubt about who won.
  23. rick scott
    Republicans Need to Stop Baselessly Accusing Democrats of Stealing ElectionsRepublicans have cause for accusing Broward County of incompetence — but none for accusing “liberals” of trying to steal an election.
  24. vision 2020
    There’s a New Electoral Map in TownPost-midterms, Democrats are looking over the new contours of the presidential map as they figure out where to take on Trump in 2020.
  25. 2018 midterms
    Hurricane Michael Is Already Affecting the MidtermsFlorida Governor Rick Scott could delay state elections due to the storm’s impact, but not his own Senate race. In Georgia, early voting has begun.
  26. 2018 midterms
    Democrats Have a Latino Voting Problem. It’s Not New, But It’s Urgent.Latino turnout in midterms has been terrible, and Donald Trump alone may not change that.
  27. 2018 midterms
    Hurricane Michael Threatens to Upend Florida ElectionsEven if Republicans don’t want to acknowledge that climate change is real, they have to deal with the political reality of more intense autumn storms.
  28. puerto rico
    Florida Republicans Scramble to Repudiate Trump Tweets on Maria Death TollThe president has thrown a stink bomb into Florida politics at the worst possible moment.
  29. medicare for all
    GOP’s Latest Mediscare Tactic Is Deeply CynicalAttacking Medicare for All as a threat to Medicare is pretty bald-faced.
  30. 2018 primaries
    Progressive Andrew Gillum Wins Florida Democratic Gubernatorial Primary in UpsetBernie Sanders–endorsed Gillum, who hopes to be Florida’s first black governor, will face Trump pick Ron DeSantis in a high-stakes general election.
  31. 2018 elections
    6 New Midterm Polls You’ll Want to SeeBarn-burners in Wisconsin and Texas, a GOP governor in trouble in Illinois, and other numbers from the campaign trail.
  32. 2018 senate elections
    Democratic Drive to Win Senate Hitting Some Barriers in Florida and New JerseyMost Senate observers are focused on Democrats in deep-red states. But Nelson of Florida is in trouble, and Menendez of New Jersey could be, too.
  33. latino voters
    Donald Trump’s GOP Is Surprisingly Good at Minority OutreachThe president’s overt bigotry hasn’t prevented down-ballot Republicans from making inroads with black and Latino voters.
  34. Most ‘Trump Ten’ Democratic Senators Doing Better Than Trump in Their StatesThe president isn’t nearly as strong as he was in 2016 in many states where Democratic senators are running for reelection this year.
  35. Democrats Could Make Big Gains in Governor Seats in the MidtermsIn what might be the most overlooked category in midterm races, there’s lots of potential for a blue wave.
  36. Scott Versus Nelson in a Spendy Sunshine State Slugfest for a Senate SeatScott’s money and Trump’s popularity (or lack thereof) make this a race that’s hard to predict.
  37. Florida Governor Signs Major Gun-Reform LawThe law may be limited, but it’s a big step in an unlikely place.
  38. Democratic Senate Looking Like a Reach — AgainProspects for a Democratic Senate after the midterms have waxed and waned, but it may be tough for Democrats to hang on in deep red states.
  39. stoneman shooting
    Top GOP Donor Cuts Off Opponents of Assault Weapon BanThe Florida school shooting seems to have moved at least some Republicans to action.
  40. Rick Scott: The FBI Director Must Resign (for a Mistake He Didn’t Make)The (pro-NRA) governor says Chris Wray must quit because the FBI’s Miami field office failed to pursue a tip about the Parkland shooter.
  41. An Initiative to Give Ex-Felons Voting Rights Could Remake F.L. Politics in 2020More than a million Floridians can’t vote because of felony criminal records. That could all change this November.
  42. Zinke Says Florida Got Offshore-Drilling Exemption Because Governor Asked NicelyNow the Interior secretary is being bombarded by not-so-polite requests from state lawmakers of both parties.
  43. Trump Just Let Florida Block Offshore Drilling. That’s a Scandal.At best, the decision to spare Florida (and only Florida) from offshore drilling is a political stunt. At worst, it’s a gift to Mar-a-Lago.
  44. Trump’s War on the Coastal States Includes More Offshore Drilling, Less SafetyHe’s doing this despite bipartisan opposition from governors.
  45. 2018 Senate Overview: The Pro-GOP Landscape Is Turning BlueTrump’s unpopularity, strong Democratic incumbents, and some luck are benefiting the party that would’ve expected to lose badly in 2018 Senate races.
  46. 2018 Senate Landscape Is Stable, With ‘Trump Ten’ Democrats Holding Their OwnSenatorial approval ratings are slipping slowly, but so are Donald Trump’s.
  47. Red-State Democratic Senators Don’t Seem Scared to Act Like DemocratsA potential Gorsuch filibuster will be a key test. But early indications are that few are breaking party ranks.
  48. voter suppression
    Will Hurricane Matthew Have Consequences for November?The storm is hitting the swing state of Florida days before the voter-registration deadline, and Governor Rick Scott has refused to extend it.
  49. midterm madness
    Florida Gubernatorial Debate Delayed Due to FanIn one of the weirdest and most Floridian moments in debate history.
  50. the national interest
    Why Do Republicans Always Say ‘I’m Not a Scientist’?Well, it’s true, anyway.
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