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Rigged Elections

  1. DI Politics Chat: Was the 2016 Election Legitimate?Four Daily Intel writers on what we talk about when we talk about legitimate elections.
  2. Trump’s Voter-Intimidation Scheme Is Already WorkingVoters are worried about his voter-fraud commission’s attempt to gather information on them.
  3. early and often
    Clinton Campaign Will Take Part in Election Recounts, But Doubts ManipulationBoth the Clinton campaign and the White House say they haven’t found evidence to warrant further scrutiny of the election results.
  4. Barack Obama and Bill O’Reilly Tell Donald Trump to Stop WhiningThere is broad, bipartisan consensus that Donald Trump’s sense of entitlement must be reformed.
  5. Trump Criticizes GOP for Forgetting That Voter Fraud is a Big Problem in AmericaTrump can’t understand why Republicans are suddenly denying the existence of widespread voter fraud. He’s right to be confused.
  6. New Polls Show Clinton on Pace for a LandslideAlaska is turning purple. But 73 percent of Republicans think the election might be stolen from Trump.