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  1. Donald Jr. Promises Trump Will Concede If Election Result Is ‘Legit’But the Republican nominee is still arguing that Clinton is a criminal who isn’t legally qualified to run.
  2. Trump Says He Is Not Prepared to Accept the Legitimacy of November’s Election“I’ll keep you in suspense.”
  3. Report: Trump Campaign Chief Fraudulently Registered to Vote in FloridaSteve Bannon registered to vote using the address of an abandoned house.
  4. Trump Is Warning That the Election Will Be Rigged. So Did John McCain in 2008.Trump’s attacks on the legitimacy of our democracy are dangerous. They’re also one of the most traditionally “Republican” aspects of his campaign.
  5. Donald Trump’s First Ad Begins With an Excuse for Why He Will LoseThe GOP nominee’s first general-election ad attacks Hillary … and the legitimacy of American democracy.