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  1. city politic
    Can Mayor de Blasio Tame Rikers Island? To do so, he’ll have to grapple with a certain fearsome union.
  2. Mentally Ill Often Beaten at Rikers, Says StudyLast year 129 inmates were seriously injured by correction officers.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    3 Rikers Guards Charged With Brutally Beating InmateThen trying to cover it up.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    At Least Two Guards Arrested in Massive Rikers Island Raid More charges are expected.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Death of Mentally Ill Rikers Island Inmate Ruled a Homicide Bradley Ballard, who had been diagnosed with diabetes and schizophrenia, was left alone in a cell for a week.
  6. rikers island
    Rikers Not Looking Good in Death InvestigationThe man’s family is suing the city for $25 million.
  7. awful things
    Report: Mentally Ill Rikers Island Inmate Died After 7 Days Alone in CellAnother horrifying story from the AP.
  8. awful things
    Three Rikers Island Officials Punished for Inmate’s DeathA mentally ill vet overheated in his cell.
  9. awful things
    Mentally Ill Inmate ‘Baked to Death’ on Rikers Island Horrible.
  10. rikers island
    Rikers Mattress Fire Sends Fourteen Staffers to HospitalAll for smoke inhalation.
  11. lawsuits
    Rikers Driver Slowdown Made Inmates Miss Chemotherapy, Suit ClaimsAn unintended side effect.
  12. sad things
    Manhattan Court Visit Turns Deadly for Rikers InmateWeirdly, almost all details still unavailable.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    Massive Rikers Island Brawl Over Grilled Cheese Lasted Almost an HourThere’s video.
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rikers Island Visitor Traumatized by Face Slashing, Facebook PostCorrection officer manages to make things worse.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ex-Inmate Accused of Sneaking Into New York Jails [Updated] It’s not clear why.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rikers Guards’ Love Triangle Leads to Shooting in BrooklynOne guard shot the new boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend, another guard.
  17. hurricane sandy
    Rikers Inmates Donated Their Long Johns to Storm VictimsThey gave their labor and underwear.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rikers Island Officers Apparently Have Sex With One AnotherBut a new lawsuit charges that only the women suffer for it.
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Reminder: Don’t Talk About Stabbing People on Tapped Jail Phones“Don’t tell my lawyer I stabbed this person.”
  20. the vampire squid
    Goldman Sachs Betting $10 Million on New York City Jail ProgramsThere’s minimal financial risk and it’s good PR.
  21. prison stories
    Paper Swords, and Other Rikers Island Rules for Touring Shakespeare TroupeThey’ll be performing Richard III.
  22. delayed justice
    $2 Million Settlement for Mother of Slain Rikers Island Inmate18-year-old Christopher Robinson died in 2008 following an attack by a guard-operated gang.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    Manhattan Madam’s Accomplice Mulls Turning Herself In Claims she’s been on vacation, only just checked the news.
  24. crime and punishment
    Accused Cop Killer Now Fighting Prison GuardsLamont Pride allegedly “refused to cooperate with a routine search” at Rikers Island.
  25. rock you like a hurricane
    No Evacuation for Rikers Island [Updated]Prison island not classified as an evacuation zone, despite obvious dangers.
  26. prison
    Rikers to Female Visitors: Stop Being So SluttyDon’t make us make you wear a smock.
  27. cocaine
    It Takes a Lot of Drugs to Get You Out of RikersLike $90,000 worth of drugs.
  28. bons mots
    File Under: Maybe Not Totally Appropriate WordplayIs a prison guard having his thumb bitten off really a good opportunity for punning?
  29. it just happened
    Peter Braunstein Sentenced to 23 Years in OhioBut he couldn’t make a public appearance without spitting out some of the crazy.
  30. in other news
    When You’re Good to Foxy, Foxy’s Good to YouRemember when Martha Stewart was at Alderson Prison camp and she made friends with her fellow inmates? She did arts and crafts with them and even purposefully lost a Christmas-tree competition to help build up their self-esteem? That’s exactly the approach that rapper Foxy Brown is taking toward her fellow inmates at Rikers. Well, if you replaced the arts-and-crafts part with abusive threats, and the “friends” bit with “40 days in solitary.” The Post today checks in with her prison life, and finds out that she’s not fitting in as well as her critics would have guessed: • She accessorizes her prison jumpsuit the only way she can, with Gucci and Louis Vuitton sneakers. • The minute the sneakers get dirty, she has someone bring her a new pair. • She talks trash to prison officials. • She is fresh out of solitary confinement, but she doesn’t interact with or trust anyone around her. • She threatens others with the “juice” she has on the outside. It’s funny — in spite of ourselves we always sort of imagined that her prison stint would involve some passionate but gritty musical numbers and Bob Fosse dance moves. Aren’t hip-hop leaders supposed to set an example? Foxy a Brat in a Cage [NYP]