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Rise Of The Machines

  1. rise of the machines
    Bloomberg’s Gun Group Questions Candidates, But Won’t Grade ThemDespite plans for an NRA-like scorecard.
  2. rise of the machines
    Bloomberg Is Creating a New Gun-Control Group to Rival the NRAHe’ll spend $50 million this year, maybe more.
  3. rise of the machines
    Video: What Could Go Wrong With Amazon’s Drones?We added voiceover to their promo video.
  4. rise of the machines
    Google’s Self-Driving Cars Will Keep Humans at Wheel, For NowThe vehicles have logged 300,000 miles.
  5. rise of the machines
    The NYPD Knows When You’ve Placed a Bag on the GroundThanks to some pretty incredible technology.
  6. actually i’m able to get away with a lot because of it
    Goldman Sachs Executive Teaches MBAs How to ‘Leverage’ Human Qualities“I speak with an accent … actually, I’m able to get away with a lot because of it.”