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  1. Trump Hasn’t Rehired Rob Porter, So Apparently His Love of Chaos Has a LimitHe’s reportedly told advisers that he hopes the alleged domestic abuser will return to the White House — but he knows that can’t happen.
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    What Hope Hicks Learned in WashingtonThe departure of the Trump whisperer has left the White House in even deeper chaos. Which surely pleases some outsiders angling to get back in.
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    Kelly Orders Changes to Security Clearance Process at White HouseUnder the new policy, many staff members could have their access to classified information revoked as of next Friday.
  4. House Oversight Begins Probe Into White House’s Rob Porter FiascoWhat did the Trump administration know and when did they know it?
  5. The FBI Just Foiled John Kelly’s Cover-upThe Bureau reveals it completed Rob Porter’s background check months ago — and that the White House knew about the abuse allegations last summer.
  6. Trump Aides Galled by Criticism of Their Awful Rob Porter ResponseAs Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to provide details on the alleged abuser’s exit, Kellyanne Conway quibbled over an essay by his ex-wife.
  7. Rob Porter Denied Punching Wife’s Window, Admitted Breaking It With KnuckleA very fine-grained explanation from the fired White House aide and alleged domestic abuser.
  8. Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Has Full Confidence in John KellyBut others are offering differing accounts of what Kelly knew about Rob Porter and when he knew it.
  9. Trump Should Be More Honest About His JerkinessThe president’s laughably flimsy justifications for his outrageous opinions are embarrassing and unnecessary.
  10. Report: Dozens of White House Staffers Still Lack Full Security ClearancesRob Porter was far from the only person in this category.
  11. President Trump Complains, Laughably, About ‘Due Process’If there’s one thing that keeps him up at night, it’s this.
  12. John Kelly Told Trump He’s Willing to Resign: ReportThe president is considering replacing the current chief of staff with the chairman of the far-right Freedom Caucus, Mark Meadows.
  13. John Kelly’s Mission Was to End the Trump Drama. Now He’s at the Center of It.Trump is said to be so annoyed about Kelly’s handling of the Rob Porter abuse claims that he’s eyeing replacements, and complaining to Reince Priebus.
  14. Trump Team Tends to Defend Alleged Abusers, Unless They’re DemocratsAny White House staffer dismayed by how top officials handled the Rob Porter abuse allegations hasn’t been paying attention.
  15. Kelly ‘Shocked’ by Porter Abuse Claims, Which the White House Already Knew AboutThe White House chief of staff released a statement condemning domestic violence — but said he also stands by previous comments praising his aide.