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  1. true crime
    Robbers Take $66,000 of Loot in Broad DaylightTwo men rob diamond district jewelery store.
  2. stupid crime of the day
    Robber Makes One Mistake in Otherwise Flawless Theft of Security CameraThe stupid crime of the day.
  3. old crime
    Arthur Williams’s Passion in Life Was Robbing PeopleThe mysterious backstory of a sexagenarian stickup artist.
  4. stupid crime of the day
    Robber Forgets to Put On Mask Until Halfway Through RobberySome people are just not detail-oriented.
  5. Seven Ways to Tell That You, Mr. Purse Snatcher, Are Not a ManHow a story from the tabloids can teach us a little about chivalry.
  6. in other news
    Teens Used Craigslist and Empty Promises of iPhones in Robbery RingFacebook-status-update-based crimes can only be next.
  7. in other news
    MTA Mole Mugger Caught!After six successful robberies, police think they’ve nabbed the purse snatcher who used to flee into the subway tunnels to evade capture.
  8. intel
    On the Street: A New Look for RobbersThree New York bandits are redefining what it means to look like a “bandit.”