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  1. war crimes
    Soldier Apologizes for Afghan Massacre, Calls It ‘an Act of Cowardice’But still has no explanation.
  2. war crimes
    Staff Sgt. Bales Describes Afghan Massacre, Offers No Explanation“There’s not a good reason in this world for why I did the horrible things I did.”
  3. war crimes
    Soldier Will Admit to Killing Sixteen Afghan Villagers, and Discuss the ShootingStaff Sgt. Robert Bales must talk to avoid the death penalty.
  4. war in afghanistan
    Army Seeks Death Penalty for Sgt. Robert BalesHe’s accused of killing sixteen Afghan civilians.
  5. robert bales
    Sergeant Robert Bales’s Wife: ‘This Is Not Him’In her first public statements, Karilyn Bales defended her husband.
  6. robert bales
    U.S. Paid Cash to Families of Murdered Afghan Civilians “They said this money is an assistance from Obama.”
  7. Sergeant Robert Bales Will Face Seventeen Counts of MurderBales’s attorney: “I’m not putting the war on trial, but the war is on trial.”
  8. friendly fire
    Staff Sergeant Robert Bales’s Family Life Revealed on Wife’s BlogJoys of fatherhood, hopes for a transfer.
  9. friendly fire
    U.S. Soldier Who ‘Snapped’ and Killed Sixteen Afghan Civilians I.D.’edRobert Bales was described by neighbors as a patriotic, mild-mannered, family man.